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In Alsace on a wine-buying trip, Rachel comes across a first-rate wine...and a first-rate man. Luc, the owner of the Chartier winery, introduces her to the flavor of love, which turns out to be as sweet as the high-quality Chartier pinot grigio. Rachel has met many attractive men in her life, but never one as perfect for her as Luc. Even though she knows that she will eventually have to return to London, she can't help but fall for him...until she finds out about his ex-wife and a dark secret from his past!

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editor's comment - March 13th, 2015

The story happens in a wine village in France. Heroine comes to France looking for wine for her restaurant. There she meets hero, the owner of winery. Heroine falls in love with hero, but she realizes that hero divorced. But in a chance, she meets hero's mother, and knows that hero's ex-wife is actually alive…

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It was one of the "okay" and "ouch". In the story, we have a heroine who meets a nice guy who declares that he is divorced but is hiding something on the side. Nothing illegal but will break the heroine's heart. The heroine comes off as a nice girl with a great job, she wants the hero but tries to restrain herself from her fantasies, which is normal. The hero is sweet but he is in so much pain from his ex-wife's coma. He believes that it's his fault and he has never let it go, not even after three years. I have to admit that I liked the hero's brother-in-law when the hero told him that he met someone and the brother-in-law hugged him with happiness. That is so sweet. The couple develop nice and slow till the first night and then it goes so downhill. The hero leaves the heroine to finish some business and the hero's mother meets the heroine and practically slaps the poor heroine with the news that the hero's ex-wife is in a coma and that he goes there everyday for the last three years. Also that their marriage is still intact in the eyes of the church. I can't imagine how hurt I would have been. The hero made a big mistake by not telling the heroine everything and having his own mother having to finish it for him. The nice part was when the hero came back and found out and attempts to get her back but when he goes back to the hospital, his ex-wife wakes up. Although, she isn't alive and doesn't stay alive for long. But he cancels his trip. Not good. However, the heroine did miss out some communication like saying, " your wife was in a coma" it's his ex-wife. I can't exactly blame her since she got her heart broken. Yet, it hurt the hero pretty bad when she said that she regretted that night. I am pretty proud of her for going to see him again. In the end, they both talked and lived a happily ever after.

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