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Planning to stop his younger brother’s wedding, Alex Stone marches into a small theater called Magnolia House, only to find that his brother is nowhere to be seen. The only one there is the owner of the house, Desiree, who’s wearing a wedding dress. He instantly loses his heart to her beauty, but in order to get his brother’s whereabouts out of Desiree, he interrogates her. Will Alex’s coldness push Desiree away?

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editor's comment - March 6th, 2015

The story is very interesting. It starts with a misunderstanding that hero though his brother is going to marry heroine. In order to stop his brother, he came to visit heroine and had a chance to act with her. However during that they fall in love and hero understood that his brother does not marry heroine. Finally hero and heroine played at a real play and got married.

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A couple of ironic things 3  3

The hero was the kind of guy who jumped the gun a bit too much. He barges in what he thinks is a wedding where his poor brother is being tricked into marrying vixen. What he fails to realize and I don't know how is that the place is a dinner theater and they are rehearsing a scene in a play where the man comes to stop a wedding. Oh the irony in this scene. It still doesn't stop the hero from throwing, shouting, yelling, and anything loud horrible accusations to the heroine. It's all about stealing family money to seducing my brother out of law school to become an actor. Their fight can't get anymore south till the heroine and hero are saved by one of her cats which are the creatures that the hero is frightfully allergic to. The ironic part was the hero and heroine find themselves wanting to fall in love or kiss the other. The hero decides to stay and wait for his brother to come back but he still can't say a nice thing to the heroine and has her leave in tears. So, he offers himself as a stand-in as an apology to help the actors get prepared. Later on, the hero gets a call from the brother who states he was wrong about the whole thing between the brother and the heroine; it's the spark that blows out into a fight between brothers. On the same night, the heroine comes by and apologies are made. Yet, when things start to move forward, the wind blows all the investigative papers all around for the heroine to see. Angered by the invasion of privacy as well as the fact he doesn't share the same ideas of love as her; the heroine leaves the hero. The two are miserable without each other until the hero encouraged to come to the play. They see each other again in the rain and have a proclamation of how much they missed each other then they kiss. They go further until the hero comes in to see the heroine and brother exclaiming their love and jumps the gun again. He has forgotten that they are acting out their parts and says some horrible things to the hero. The heroine lets it go because she sees he doesn't trust her at all and it's not enough for a relationship. The brother decides to play fairy godfather and make him realize that he's made a big mistake and he needs to prove his love to the heroine. it was quite a brilliant way of how they did it. The hero takes the brother's place at the "I object" scene. It was quite well done by the hero and the heroine accepts his love.

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