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When Adam, the oldest son of the wealthy Braddock family, asks Katie to be his party planner, she is taken aback. Doesn't he know that she's just a waitress? Adam's zeal eventually wins her over and she agrees to the job despite the misunderstanding. Katie is surprised to see Adam's gentler side during their time together, but still, with his cold, businesslike nature, it can't end well…or can it?

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cupid is an old woman 4  4

The heroine and hero are matched by an old matchmaker who has the sixth sense of finding matches. Apparently, she's been hired by the hero's grandfather to find a match for all three of his grandsons. So, she meets with the hero at one of her usual spots and sees the electricity between the man and a waitress who she knows well. So, she decides to play the loop and lead the hero to hire the heroine as party planner for his grandfather's birthday. She sure bamboozles the hero and heroine because the heroine tells the hero she's not a party planner. However, her people skills in helping the hero negotiate a major buyout pushes the hero to accept the heroine as his grandfather's party planner. A little meddling on the grandfather's part gets the heroine to accept the position. From there, the heroine learns of the hero's family affairs of having an absent father as well as two half brothers. The heroine does give the three men the glass half full in perspective of their family situation. The heroine gets the theme of having a circus birthday party and while the other men enjoy it immensely, the hero blows up in anger at the heroine. It's mostly because he figured out that the heroine is the waitress and only notices his fault after his grandfather and brothers praise the heroine's work. He goes to apologize to the heroine but she blows up at him. The hero apologizes for his words and opens up to the heroine about his feelings and fears. The two are able to mend their bridge and enjoy the party. The hero even gets a surprise of his father appearing for the party. The two have a special night but the heroine wants to cut off their relationship where the hero wants to pursue it. She leaves and he is in such a daze that his work performance is slacking! * Gasp!* He's not the only one because the heroine can't stop her thoughts from going back to the hero. So, the hero goes to the heroine and confesses that he looked into her past of being orphaned at a young age and feeling left behind as well as neglected led her to thinks she was worthless. It was a very nice talk between them and the hero confesses not only his love but that he's stepped down as CEO. The shocked heroine confesses her love for him and they decide to have an adventure out in the countryside. It was really nice.

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