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On the brink of financial ruin, Laura Mason is offered a well-paying job posing as an acquaintance’s girlfriend for a short vacation back to his hometown. Desperate to pay off her bills, she jumps at the offer—the job sounds easy enough. Little does Laura know that their host for this vacation is none other than the renowned playboy Count Alessio Ramontella. With Alessio’s lustful eyes locked on her, she’s about to learn that this job is no walk in the park. How can this innocent English beauty possibly win against the smooth-talking, roguishly handsome Italian?

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blackmail 3  3

Not too bad but it wasn't something I was holding my breath on. Now, the hero is blackmailed by his M &M (Malicious and materialistic) aunt to sleep with a girl that her "sweet little boy" is bringing home. Her blackmail is him spending the night with some famous Married woman. They have no idea that the girl/ the heroine is merely a shield for the cousin to not be heckled into marriage by his mother. They have an agreement of her being shield and he pays her to support her younger brother. The heroine takes the opportunity since it means that she'll get a vacation and a paycheck. One the first day she's already ousted to the hero's place and the hero is quite smitten with the aura she has. The M&M is practically Godzilla's mother with how she separates the heroine and cousin and forcing her and the hero together. Although, it doesn't take much for the hero and heroine to be attracted to each other in every way. As they spend more time together, the hero finds himself wanting a relationship with the heroine. This is especially when she rejects his advances.They finally give into the passion and everything is peachy keen till the M&M comes bursting in when joy and brags over the hero's accomplishment of separating the heroine from the cousin. The heroine is so horrified by everything she heard that she runs away and won't believe a word from the hero. The hero is incredibly ticked at his aunt, ordering her off his home and the family money. He also fires the cousin for his behavior. Yet, the cousin decides to get back by having the heroine fired on under the identity of hero. The hero realizes at a party where the Married woman tries to bring him back into her arms that he wants to be with the heroine no matter what. He goes to the heroine and reveals it was the cousin's doing and not his to get her fired for what the hero did to him. He gives a great explanation and a confession to the heroine and she accepts his love and proposal. It's quite a nice ending.

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may be a little better in novel form 2  2

This story really wasn't for me and the pacing wasn't very good and I didn't particularly like either of the leads or the secondary characters. The art was good though. I think if the pacing was a bit better I would have given it 3 stars instead of 2.

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