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Bethany Seaton has quickly become the main buyer for the Feldon Antiques Shop in London, but her most prized possessions are the memories of a charming man she met at a concert years ago. When a flat tire leaves her stranded a chance encounter reunites her with her "prince.” Joel McAlister doesn't leave things to chance, though…

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antique give romance 4  4

The heroine runs into the hero when she's on an expedition with her new boss who cares more about profit than the value of the antiques themselves unlike the heroine's last boss. The man is also a lecher who she loathes and ends up going alone back home. She ends gets stuck in a fog and runs into the hero who was the dream man she saw six years ago. They end up getting a room at a closed Bed and Breakfast. They spend time together, have a hot night, and the heroine wakes up to a missing hero. She thinks he left her but he only left to drive their host to the hospital. She goes back and becomes friends with one of the regular clients who has been dropping off his grandmother's antiques for money. The heroine can see the man has a spoiled child side to him and when he proposes marriage to her, she's about to reject him when his older brother interrupts. The older brother is the hero and gives the heroine a glare. She's carted away by the friend but the hero visits her later in the night to discuss past and present matters. The hero tells the heroine he left because of the hospital incident and admits he didn't want to when he called her hotel and her boss's little scheme was shown. The heroine tells him the truth and he says he believes her. He invites her on a weekend trip to the States and takes her a night on the town. Then the heroine meet the OW who we figure out later when the hero and her were together, she slept with the brother. The hero states he doesn't care and introduces the heroine as his fiancee but the OW won't take it and makes malicious plans for the future. After the OW leaves, the hero makes his statement solid to the heroine of truly wanting to marry her and marrying her in the next 24 hours. The heroine is stunned by the whole thing but she decides to go along with it. The hero also opens up about his past with the heroine and they go to a party. Once alone, the heroine overhears the conversation between hero and OW of what is revealed earlier. Now, she thinks the hero is only after her because the step-brother was after her. She still goes through with the wedding because she loves him but just after the ceremony when they arrive home, the brother barges in. The brother accuses the hero of trying to control him by keeping him from marrying. A condition in the will was written that if the brother married then he would have the right to sell the house. The distraught heroine walks away and ignores the hero's pleas to listen to her. She packs up and disappears into the night but the hero is able to find her hotel. He pushes his way in and talks about how he found his brother to be stealing the antiques from his grandmother's mansion that wasn't stipulated he had the right to do so. He also mentions the brother gotten debts from gambling. The hero also states that he didn't have to marry the heroine to separate her from the brother but did it because he's in love with her. The heroine accepts it all and they make a new start on their relationship.

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