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Rodeo girl Selena is on her way to a gig when she gets into a car accident with Leo, who hit Selena while braking to avoid hitting a truck. Selena's panicked horse breaks out of its trailer, but Leo manages to calm him down. He takes Selena to a friend's ranch to have her horse treated for injuries. She ends up staying at the ranch, gradually spending more time with Leo. They become attracted to each other, but Selena doesn’t like or trust entitled, rich people.And Leo is heir to a noble family in Italy. Can Leo convince Selena that class doesn't matter?

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editor's comment - March 27th, 2015

Hero and heroine met in Texas, where they both felt happy when in there. Heroine was bullied by many of her rich friends therefore she doesn't like rich. When she met hero, she didn't know that he is a tycoon. After she went back with hero, now she realized hero's family and she ran away from hero. However in a chance, hero fell off from 10 meter's height and seriously injured…

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An international western italian fairy tale 5  5

It's by coincidence that the hero and heroine meet and an interesting .The heroine is driving her beat up truck with her raggedy horse trailer to the next rodeo when the hero and his friend (who's driving) go to pass the heroine's truck but are surprised to find a truck right in front of them. They brake hard and fast, but the heroine can't because of the horse in the back, so she slams right into them and destroys the back end of the fancy car. The hero isn't a jerk about it and helps the heroine when the horse escapes from the trailer. Unfortunately, the horse has a sprain, which takes the rodeo, it's prize money, and the heroine's living wages off the table. The friend's family welcomes her into their home as a place to stay, while the horse recovers but the heroine is overwhelmed and hesitant to accept their hospitality. This is because the heroine has lived all their life been tossed from one rich family to the next as an object that they're being charitable when she's been treated so poorly for being abandoned as a baby, her mom seen as a hooker, and such. For example, this girl refuses to eat the same table as the heroine when they're both children because her mom says the heroine's mom sleeps around. I wanted to take that child by the ear, drag her to the bathroom, and wash her mouth with soap and do the same to the daughter because children will mimic what their parents say. Now, the heroine is seen as a high quality guy, not because of his lineage but because he's great with the kids and wants to help the heroine within his own means of hard work instead of handing her a check to buy a new trailer and truck. The two are attracted to each other but resist because of the heroine's past and the hero is afraid that she'll think the worst of him when she finds out that he's related to a count and is very rich indeed. Then there's the time constraint for the hero because he's got a wedding and harvest to go back to in 2 week's time. I like how the hero puts effort into helping the heroine out, even if it's at the risk of his own life. They spend more time together and the heroine becomes even more scared until after the day of the rodeo where the hero gets 2nd place for being tossed so high off the bull but makes it out alive with some bruises and scratches. They share a special night and after the heroine drops the hero off at the airport, she goes out on a limb and gives him her contact info but oh the irony, the hero gets pick pocketed with the thief taking the heroine's contact info. So, the heroine thinks that the hero has abandoned her as she waits by the phone and the poor hero is just miserable because he knows that's what is happening. Thankfully,a fairy godfather in disguise called the hero's friend finds the heroine, tells her about the pick pocketing incident, and gives her a ticket to Italy. The heroine takes a chance and flies to Italy where she learns the hero is of noble birth, ignoring that he is illegitimate. The hero being happy as a cat on catnip when he sees the heroine, barrels into her for a hug, and knocks down crates of produce. However, the discovery of the hero being high on class and education overwhelms the heroine who thinks she's not good enough for him. The hero finds her and spend his time trying to reassure that she's the one and when she starts to believe, his illegitimacy is legitimized and he becomes the count. The hero tries to convince to her stay and that he loves her but she leaves anyway. It takes the hero to fall in critical condition for the heroine to go back and listen to the uncle's new wife about how she did the same as the heroine is doing and lost forty years of marriage and the chance to have children with the man she loved because she thought she wasn't worthy for being poor, uneducated, and illegitimate. The heroine admits she's in love and lets go of the chains she's been carrying and asks for the hero to wake up. The hero does and they marry with a happily ever after. I really did like this one.

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