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Four years ago, Shannay left Spain when she found out that her husband, Marcello Martinez, was a member of the famous Martinez family. Marrying into one of the wealthiest families in the world would be a blessing to most, but the media’s attention was a curse to Shannay. She escaped to a boring life in Australia, but her precocious three-year-old reminds her of her past, and once Marcello finds out about their child, he’s determined to reunite with the family he didn't know he had.

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Too many willful misunderstandings 1  1

I'll start with the positive thing... the art was fairly decent. The story and characters, however, were not good at all in my eyes. The female lead was one of the worst of her kind. She left her husband because his family didn't like her and because she believed he was cheating on her with the woman his family liked. Even though he denied it she chose to believe the other woman over him... she claimed to love him but to me it seemed like she was only obsessed and infatuated with him. She didn't trust him, she cared more about appearances than making their relationship work (his family wanted him to marry someone else), she ran away from him like he was an abuser. She changed her address and phone number in her home country so he couldn't find her and didn't bother having even the courtesy to tell him that she was pregnant and later had his child. She felt no obligation to allow him to be a father and no obligation to even let him know about his daughter at all. When he finds out by chance she acts like he's the one who was the jerk and didn't love her... her stupidity and willful ignorance led her to believe that he would not want the child, or that he would try to take the child away from her if she told him about his daughter. That's two different extremes! He can't not want her to give birth to it and want to keep the child all to himself at the same time. She seems to want to think anything but good things about the person she claimed to love if he's not bad in one way then he's assured to be bad in the opposite way. She continues on this way, acting rudely and horribly all the way until near the end where she says: I couldn't stand being with you because I loved you so I had to leave you... or something to that affect. It's like she gets the whole thing backwards if she loved him she would have stayed and tried to work it out. But then he shows that he is just as ignorant as her by saying: I wanted revenge on you for leaving me because I love you... what type of stupidness is that? I can't even fathom how someone could draw the conclusion that they choose revenge out of love... that's ridiculous. It reminds me of abusers who say they only hit their woman because they love her and the abused saying they know he cares because he gets so mad. Anyways, I guess since they are both on the same level maybe that means their perfectly suited for each other. However, perfectly suited for a good romance? No. At least not in my opinion

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