Gino's Arranged Bride

Pure Romance Gino's Arranged Bride

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Gino's Arranged Bride

A homeless man asleep on a park bench? Instead of staying away from him, Laura Grey's daughter Nikki decides to run up and splash him with water. A sweet girl with a skin condition that makes people shrink away from her, Nikki's impetuous action leads Laura to open her home to the man on the bench, Gino Farnese. Nikki's biological father may haveabandoned his daughter, but she might have a better dad lined up now, …if Laura can help Gino overcome his heartbreak.

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He finally gets love!! 5  5

The sweet brother from the last book, finally gets his chance of love when he runs into the single mom titled the heroine. Well, he doesn't run into gets awaken by a bucket of cold water poured over him and it's by the heroine's adorable little girl not the heroine herself. Apparently, the little girl wanted to make sure the hero was alive and pouring water over a sleeping person is one way to find out. The hero is still suffering over broken heart from losing the heroine from the last novel to his brother. The hero immediately makes an impression on our two ladies when he doesn't turn away or makes apologies over the daughter's skin condition. The little girl is immediately taken with him and when they learn of his current condition, the heroine invites him to their home. They sit down and have a talk about themselves, more on the heroine's side because the hero isn't ready to admit his heartbreak to the heroine. As they spend more time together, the hero sees the daughter saying her dad is dead but the heroine verifies that he's living and they were doing fine until signs of the daughter's condition popped up and he ran. He divorced the heroine and gave her a large sum of money. The heroine wants to give her daughter a present, saying it's from the father. The hero suggests it wouldn't be a good idea but the heroine does it anyway. When the girl hears it's from her dad, she throws a breaks down crying saying that her dad is dead because then he wouldn't hate her and leave. They're able to calm her down and the hero comforts the heroine saying she's a great mom. Then when the heroine goes out, the hero accidently eats a cake with nuts and has an allergic reaction. Luckily, the 8 year old girl is able to call and get paramedics to come in time to save him but she calls him Daddy when they're asking questions. The heroine catches the last heroine's name when the hero is asleep in the hospital. The next morning, the heroine asks the hero if he would be her daughter's father because the heroine's daughter has bonded really strongly with the hero and it would be a marriage on paper. The hero agrees and they get married and things start to look up till the ex's face shows up in the paper, causing the little girl to have another cry. The hero decides to do something about it; he asks the little girl if she wants to see her father and has her speak in her own words and she answers yes. So, he has the family be personally invited to the party that the ex will be at. The ex angrily confronts the heroine about why the hostess wanted him to meet someone. The hero steps in and explains the person is the daughter but the ex is too ashamed of his past actions because of he suffered the same as his daughter and when she started showing the symptoms, he couldn't face it and ran away. The daughter heard everything and forgives her dad who cries, saying sorry and that he loves her. It was incredibly sweet moment and the last obstacle is the relationship between the hero and the heroine. They take a step forward in their relationship with the heroine saying "I love you" first but becomes afraid when the hero doesn't reply back. The hero also learns about the heroine's side job and is against the heroine doing it and the argument goes south. It goes from don't order me around and the big reveal where the heroine knows that the hero loves someone else, using her name. The conversation ends on a bad note with the heroine going to her side job. Sadly, the hero is right about the customer being too hands on with her but he comes in to save her, proclaiming to be her husband. He takes the heroine back and tells her that he loves her and why it was hard for him to say it in the first place. The hero and heroine are able to open up their feelings, seeing that the other feels t he sam as them. The ending has the hero and his family arriving back at the vineyard with the couple of the last book welcoming them.

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Two hot brothers 5  5

Yes Gino finally found his true love. It was funny when the little girl threw water in his face to wake him up. This made me happy that he got to fall love to with the right person this time. I love happy endings

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