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While chasing her runaway brother through the dark alleys of Venice, Terri trips and falls into the canal. Maurizio immediately jumps in after her, rescuing Terri from a watery grave. After a warm shower back at the hotel, the night heats up even further as the two unite in a bout of fiery passion. The next morning, Maurizio's heart weighs heavy with guilt. He loves Terri, but he’s been deceiving her all along…

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thin air 3  3

This is the part 2 of the seduced by innocence and I have to say that there was a lot to take in . We came in when the heroine and the hero finally have intercourse and the hero realizes that the heroine is a virgin, therefore, can't be her horrible mother who pushed his brother to commit suicide. Now, he is stuck between a rock and a hard place in case she ever figures out. The uncle has a good head on his shoulders, even though nobody has really listened to him. We also find out that the hero is keeping the heroine's brother at his villa because the brother got sick with an illness that had him ending up losing his memory of who he is. How? I don't know of any illnesses that can do that to the juan body, only head or body concussions. I do find a little satisfaction that we get to see the hero deal with his guilt, while talking with the heroine. We learn that the heroine who is looking for her mother is now her mother's new secretary without telling the mother and that old secretary gives away information of where she last saw the brother, which leads the heroine to confront the hero and listens to his conversation that the old secretary was right. The hero goes on to explain by taking her to the grave of his younger brother who was the heroine's mother's young love, death by suicide drowning because he had written a note and she never responded. There they meet the mother and the hero gets all mad and it goes south with the heroine leaving the hero and ending up at the mother's house with her sketchy husband. The next pages are with the hero and the heroine biting each other with insulting words that they don't know how to stop. There's also the fact that the brother keeps appearing and disappearing out of thin air. After that, the heroine finds the hero's brother's letter, in a locked drawer of the mother's sketchy husband. The heroine brings the letter to the hero who is shocked then tries to settle some something at hand, during that time, the heroine is taken captive by the sketchy husband, ready to rape. It's only the new information that the mother shouts out at the husband of the heroine being her birth child and then the hero swoops in, punches the bad guy, and saves the heroine. The mother reveals that the father is actually the adoptive father of the heroine and the brother because he was in such a bad marriage and she was in love with him but it wouldn't happen because wife wouldn't get a divorce. The sketchy husband starts pulling out all the, "I'll make sure you won't get a cent," till the hero states to do the same to him and leaves. The heroine chases after the hero, and they both have a reconciliation. It's sweet but not floating my boat.

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