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Tiffany didn’t want more drama in her life, but unfortunately it still came for her. Just as her company was on the verge of going under, a man named Hassan visited, asking her to do a job that just might save it. Hassan being the commander in chief of the Sharif Empire, Tiffany’s boss was more than willing to accept the job. The way Hassan glowers at Tiffany, she is instantly reminded of her late husband. Hassan turns out to be her brother-in-law, come looking for her and more specifically her son. Tiffany’s son is the heir to the Sharif Empire, and as such Hassan wants to take him to his homeland to learn about his country. He offers to take Tiffany, too. Remembering how awful her husband was, she assumes Hassan can be no better. Just what are Hassan’s true intentions for her and her son?

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3 stars 3  3

I liked this one but it's not my favorite. I found it kind of crazy that the female lead trusted that lady who acted so obviously like she disliked her. Another example of a woman choosing to trust someone else who obviously doesn't like her over the person she claims to love. However, other than that, I liked the characters for the most part. The story is nothing new, there are many harlequins with similar stories. However, that doesn't mean it's a bad story. I also felt the art was made really well, I'd probably rate the manga 3 1/2 if that was possible.

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not much 2  2

This book, was not so good. We have a heroine who is trying to survive after the debts accumulated after the death of her abusive husband. Then the hero who is the brother of the husband coming in and acting all masculine with the heroine saying that he offering to take away her son and that she is all these things based on research and first impressions. I can say that don't judge a person by first impression, but research can be hard but there is a reason for the things she did in the past and it was all because of her husband. She tells him the reasons of what happened and he blackmails her with work and hints that he may or may not take away her son during the time she works. I have to admit that when he greets, his introduction didn't bring a smile to my face. Then he uses her to bring her son to his home by means of the desert. Then he tries to seduce her and that brings up horrible memories of her husband and she tells the hero that the brother raped her and abused her like hitting her, which is true but the hero won't hear of his brother being horrible to her. It's only further in the story that I'm starting to see something. The father left his home country after the death of his wife, taking his older son, but leaving the hero behind. The first time that he saw his family was ten years later, I don't understand why the father did that, leaving a child behind. That's terrible. I also don't like the Fareela woman, she is just terrible to the heroine and for reasons that are baseless. The way she talks and acts to the heroine is just mean. Then when the heroine is trying to get ready for a dinner, the hero just comes barging in after a sound. They finally get to talking about why the brother was a jerk because the hero didn't want to be abandoned so he stole all the attention and the brother felt trapped in a world that he didn't understand. The father of the two was not smart. It's the not the hero's fault that he drove his brother into the corner, the people who are to blame is the father for leaving or trying to keep traditions and the brother for his own choices. I like how the hero becomes open but leaving quickly after the Fareela woman is looking for him. I still can't believe that the heroine believed the Fareela woman after how the woman treated her. The couple missed the seminar on being open and communicating with one another. It did have an okay ending.

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