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Emily has been living with Marco Fierezza for three years. One day, she discovers that her businessman boyfriend is actually the crown prince of Niroli! Called back to Niroli, Marco struggles with his vision for the country against his grandfather's, the King's, focus on tourism. Old traditions work against the growing feelings between Emily and Marco, made more difficult when Emily discovers she's pregnant with Marco's child!

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Before deciding on renting on some of these books, I usually read the reviews that were posted on the original novels. In the original novel's reviews showed that the heroine was weak-willed through out the entire book and the hero didn't seems to care. This story was different in a better way. In this story, the hero does leave the heroine and thankfully, she doesn't take anything from him, not the apartment or a check. Thank goodness, although, when she first tries to leave after the news, she gives in. I have to admit that the hero has it rough. He is trying to be a good king, to help the locals of the kingdom but his creep of a grandfather only seems to want him to follow tradition and from what I read and observed: be a puppet king. I didn't like how the old man talked about the heroine. did like how we read from the perspective of the hero on how he feels and thinks. The heroine tries to move on from the hero, which is good till the hero comes and offers her a job. She does go with him at the encouragement of her friend and they go around. What I found shocking is what the village elder said to the hero about the heroine. She wasn't even doing anything but sitting in the car and he makes a rude, hidden meaning of a comment. The next thing I liked was what the heroine did, after finding out about being pregnant, she did tell the father, which in a lot of cases is good. What the hero did next, would have earned a big hand-slap to the face from me. He told her that she should stay here with the baby and marry a noble from the court. Reasons: none! Observations: He wanted them there! I couldn't believe that, imagine having someone you love tell you to marry a total stranger for the baby. I was so glad that she left immediately. There was no wavering in her decision. The hero started to think right after that mishap. He runs after the heroine, sees the ultrasound, and wakes up. The rest of it goes right. I don't want to reveal everything, but what stays the same is the old man staying a jerk! It was a good book.

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