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In order to fulfill her late grandfather’s last wish, Sophia sails his boat to his homeland. When a storm throws her into the ocean and damages the boat, she is rescued by crown prince Alex Throne. In the aftermath of their scare, they share a passionate night together. Alex just couldn’t control himself, for he saw Sophia as the beautiful mermaid he’d dreamed of when he was a child. But now there’s a chance she may be carrying his Alex vows to look out for her until they know for sure and while she waits for her boat to get fixed. Despite chafing under Alex’s unrelenting scrutiny, Sophia also begins to crave his company and, before she knows it, she’s fallen in love with him. Is Alex falling for her, too, or is he only interested in the royal baby she may be carrying?

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Cute Prince Story 4  4

Why exactly is nearly every harlequin female lead who has their hair described in the story a red head? I have nothing against red heads in general... but if they must make the hair color written into the story instead of leaving that part up to the readers imagination, it would be nice if they had some different hair colors as well. As far as the story goes, it was cute. I liked the female lead for the most part. I got a bit irritated with her when she decided to lie about being pregnant but since she felt bad about lying and told him the truth as soon as she could, It was fine. The male lead was also slightly annoying in that it took a lie about her potential death for him to admit to the fact that he actually loved her and wasn't just concerned for the potential heir. Still, regardless of these small issues it was over all a cute story. Th art was great too. I look forward to reading it again sometime.

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quick 4  4

The front cover is wrong, it shows the heroine has gold hair but in the book, she has red hair, the illustrator needs to look at the colors again. The beginning of the story was well....pretty quick. They went right from love making to the idea that there might be the possibility of a child and I was shocked but best to find these sorts of things quick. Having a baby is serious. I liked how the family came out all early and ready. It helped make other connections in the book. I love the aunt in the story. I think it's cute how the hero relates the heroine to a childhood dream of his. Usually it's all lust, but in this case, it's adorable. The strange part is that both characters aren't honest with each other that they keep saying the wrong things. The hero talks about what he wants her to do using the word baby. He comes off as uncaring to the heroine. Yet, thinking back on his wife running away from him with her lover, I don't blame him. Nor, do I blame the heroine for keeping her distance because of how the hero comes off. However, sooner or later, one of them needs to take the plunge in confessing. It's surprising of how long they are waiting to get a pregnancy test, when they could just get a private or royal doctor to check in two weeks rather than two months. I loved how the heroine helped the hero in his hour of need. I also liked how the author is developing these characters' relationship. I felt angry at the heroine about lying when she said that she wasn't pregnant but she did have a reason of the hero only being interested in her because of the child and taking away the baby but she did tell him, only to have him in a foul mood. I do love advice being exchanged between the old generation like the aunt and great uncle to the young generation. The hero did act like a fool during the ceremony, not dancing with his wife and leaving without telling. I loved how the heroine, instead of crying, went right after him. I absolutely love the ending because of what happens. I won't reveal it but I will admit that I love old and clever people.

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