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Ria is mistaken for her cousin, kidnapped and taken to Greece by a man named Dimitrios. His fierce rage overwhelms her, but then so does his even fiercer kiss. Is there any chance such a rocky beginning could become the foundation of a beautiful love?

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Very Average Harlequin Story 2  2

I didn't really dislike this story but I also didn't really care for it either. It was almost annoyingly average for a harlequin. There is no smut in this and the art of the two main's being in love looks awkward. The male main's face doesn't really change much. They did a better job with the secondary couple characters I think.

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good Twist! 4  4

One of the first things that surprised me was the fact that when the hero kidnapped the wrong woman, he didn't have a photo of the actual woman because with all his resources and power, he can't get a single photo of her. Wow, really. So, moving on, he grabs the wrong woman and they start to talk with one another and it's hard for the woman not to say out loud that she's the wrong one. The hero does have a reason for being distant since the woman he loved betrayed him and gave his father a heart attack, which basically killed him. Then the cousin of the heroine who the hero is looking for comes with her fiancee who is the hero's nephew. She does come off as a bit fluffy in the head, but both seem to have a good heads on their shoulders. Except for that one thing, that shouldn't be too hard to figure when two people of the opposite sex come together. At least, they worked it out together and are getting married. The hero and heroine to a bit a spat and fighting. They both admit to have lost ones that they love and, yet, the only one who seems to show being in love is the heroine. Although, in the middle of the story, the hero does confess that he wanted to apologize and work it out with her. He does leave for a while and the next time that the heroine sees him, he is carrying a blonde beauty around. Plus, she is practically clinging to him like she owns him. Gee, I wonder how the heroine feels right now? Not only that, she is a snake, whispering all sorts of things to the heroine. The hero is so blind to this but the heroine is no better. She doesn't need to be upfront, she can just say the hero, "Are you and that woman a couple?" Really? Is that too hard to say? Instead, she is distancing herself away from the hero and suffers. The hero doesn't know if he should scratch his clock or wind his booty. He tries to make heads and tails of the whole thing and actually tries to talk to the heroine. The heroine keeps avoiding him. I love Poppy's advice to the heroine. I'm not going to reveal what happens in the end but there is going to be a big scene with the love triangle. I think one of the best parts was the fact that the hero and heroine didn't have sex.

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