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After what happened with the last man she was with, Susannah wanted nothing to do with men at all. That is until her new boss, Hazard Maine, barged his way into her life. He’d been keeping an eye on her since he suspected Susannah was sleeping with men to get her way. Once her name is cleared, Hazard starts treating her differently—he becomes gentler. Soon Susannah finds herself happy again and taking a chance on Hazard. But love quickly turns sour when Hazard starts to mistreat her again for some reason, possibly something to do with his past. Will Susannah be able to handle another heartbreak?

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this ones BAD! 1  1

this is the third time my screen has refreshed in the middle of my review saying I was asking to delete a review I was working on here and had not posted. It's quite irritating so I'll keep this extremely brief. Horrible story Art Fairly Good. Characters are the worst specifically the male lead. This is NOT a love story! Character problems: Female Lead: 1. Whiny 2. Weak 3. No personal identity 4. Can only get out of her funk if a man shows interest in her 5. Backwards logic 6. Won't correct assumptions by male counterpart 7. Stupid 8. still in love with a married man until she meets the male main. 9. poor me syndrome Male lead: 1. Horrible personality 2. Emotionally Abusive 3. Physically Abusive 4. Chauvinistic Pig 5. Turned on by traumatizing women 6. Nearly a rapist over an assumption. + more Comments: The almost rape by the male lead happened like this: HE hit the female lead, she falls down he gets on her and starts ripping her clothes off while emotionally traumatizing her by insulting her with his words in the worst ways. This was all over a wrong assumption that she didn't bother opening her mouth to correct. Of course they fall in love and have a happy ending... ugh. (That's not Love...BOOO!!) Why is he forgiven? well apparently his mother tried to commit suicide because his father cheated on her and he found his mother bleeding to death as a kid when he came home. He took care of his mentally disabled mom ever sense.... (that's pretty traumatic. I wish the mother actually loved her son enough to not put him through that. It doesn't excuse him though.) So the question is: Does having something traumatic happen in someone's past give them a blank check to do anything they feel like to others? In my eyes the answer is no.

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