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Julie Britton was content working in the castle at Anders Point, managing day-to-day tasks in the home of the royal family while harboring a secret crush on Prince Erik. When the prince needs a quick engagement to reassure his people and help his ailing father recover, Julie quickly finds herself on the road to being a princess, and soon after, a queen. Though she’s marrying the prince she's always loved from afar, is he the same man up close? Can she love someone who is only with her for appearances?

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not in love 2  2

No matter what at the very least the lead male does not love the lead female in this no matter what words are said in the end. The lead male want's the throne and doesn't want to disappoint his family... that's all. The lead female seems more in love with her fantasy than the prince too... the whole thing just feels blah to me. The art is drawn well I guess but the lead female is barbie doll thin. I nearly gave it a one but I don't really feel that strongly about it one way or the other.

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okay 3  3

This is one of the strange cinderella themed books that I have read. We have a girl who is totally in love with a prince and when the prince sets up the engagement party, she acts as cool as possible. Not only that, when the hero's fiancee cancels, he acts all cool and calm like it was no bother. It kinda made the hero seem dull. I feel sympathy for the heroine when the hero asks her to be a stand-in. The hero didn't seem to think it through that the heroine is the head-housekeeper for the palace and the father of the hero probably knows her personally will easily detect that something is amiss. The hero is so oblivious to the heroine's feelings, he acts like a high school boy with no idea to the girl's crush on him. The heroine just follows along but it would be hard to defy the future king who is also one's boss. Not to mention stubborn in admitting the attraction he feels for the heroine. The hero loss some points when the heroine tries to interact with him and he talks about finding a real fiancee soon. I do love the current King. He uproots everything and has the couple on their toes, especially the hero. It's funny to watch. The hero then ruins it by stating that the hero and him should get married. Why? It's because the heroine makes an ideal bride, the hero never uses the word love. The interesting thing that I found in the book was after the heroine hears what the hero says, she confesses that she loves him but asks him the big question, " Do you love me?". The hero doesn't answer and that is when the heroine draws the line, which I say good. The heroine says what needs to be said and leaves the hero. It takes a while, but the hero does make a sweetheart felt confession the to the heroine. Yet, my heart just wasn't into it.

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