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When Noel, the crown princess of Montacroix, lays eyes on a hundred-year-old sketch of the American Old West, she’s captivated. After seeing the sketch, she has a vision of a Native American man with deep blue eyes and such a regal bearing Noel fears he could steal her heart. The man in her vision is an author named Wolfe, who is about to be executed for a crime he didn't commit. Guided by a strange sense of destiny, she flies from Montacroix to Arizona to retrace the man's footsteps. Noel's heartfelt wish is to meet him and save him from a cruel end. But in the middle of her journey, she gets into an accident and blacks out. When she next opens her eyes, the man standing in front of her is...Wolfe?

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Good story, not my favorite ending 4  4

I really liked this story for a lot things. We have a heroine who wants to have a little freedom before going back to her country to get married and such. Then, she falls into a time and space continuum, ending up in the old West. It's pretty fun. The heroine and the hero meet. The hero doesn't act like a jerk to the heroine. How they end up alone is fascinating and it deals with the reality of the wild west. What didn't make sense to me was the fact that the heroine so eagerly revealed everything about herself like being a princess and having a mom for a hollywood actress. To me, the hero would have seen her as crazy as well as any other people during the time era. She should know that they didn't have a place called hollywood in the 19th Century. Plus, she admits that she will be born, a hundred years later. If it was me, that would be too much. What I can't believe is that she gives the book to the hero that reveals his fate to him. The next thing that I liked in the story was them bonding with each other and just talking. That is one of the ways that love grows between two people. I love how the hero's people were kind to the heroine and how the heroine respected and admired them. I do like how they work together to bring justice and save the hero from hanging. What I didn't like is after all that, the heroine is taken away from the hero but is left with a reminder of their time together. Then she comes across the reincarnation of the hero and they meet. To me, I wanted more like what is going to happen between this two. Then the reminder of the heroine isn't exactly the reincarnation of the hero because they don't share DNA. Plus, the book doesn't show that he remembers but only gives a feeling. I suppose using New Criticism, it would be a good book, because one doesn't know what happens in the end, but they can imagine it. However, I would have liked to have known more. It was a good book to read.

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Love is... a fairly tale in Old Wild west! ❤️ 5  5

Amazing book, I like it very much! The plot is well described and unconventional, it's a mix between a fairly tale and a supernatural story. I love both hero and heroine... great! The Indian world stands out as a superb background. Almost perfect!

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outlaw is a treasure to read and it helps that there is a little 5  5

supernatural in the story. I knew this was going to be a good story. First heroine feels like she is missing something in her life. From that point on she decides to purse those feelings and finds her soulmate across time. Please enjoy this gem of a story and the wild west was truly and unlawful place.

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