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Teri Adams owns a small restaurant and all her customers are loyal and friendly. One night she meets Leo Kingston and they are instantly attracted to each other. After a steamy night together, they decide to become friends with benefits to fulfill their basic sexual needs, but when Teri becomes pregnant, how will Leo handle the news? Will he want the baby and the woman who’s fallen in love with him?

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Good plot and characterization 5  5

In this story, we have a heroine and a hero who are in a relationship and seem to be pretty well. What I liked is that the heroine isn't a naive virgin but a divorced woman who owns a business by herself. The hero comes off as a polite and decent man. The hero does make a selfish proposal of no strings attached to their relationship, but the heroine agreed and its her life. The second thing that I liked about the story is that they spent a sufficient time together like ten months before the child came into the picture. A lot of harlequin books go over that one time equals one child. I also liked how the heroine told the hero as soon as she could when they were alone and not getting into the mood. It was nice of how the hero gave a gift to the heroine for her birthday, even with the condition of no strings attached. What set me off was when the heroine told the hero that she was pregnant and he just said that he had to leave and left. Yet, it's better than the hero going off and yelling and demanding to know if the child is his. I become tired of that. Then after five weeks, the hero comes back to the heroine and gets mad at her for using fertilizer that apparently has chemicals in it that could get her Bronchitis or such. I'm surprised that the heroine didn't get mad at him for going off and saying nothing to her for five weeks then come barging back bossing her around. The person can't say that the heroine has months to prepare to tell and give him a chance to think about it because the day the heroine found out she was pregnant was the same day she told the hero. He comes off all alpha dominant male, which kinda makes me lose interest. I like how the heroine says to the hero's proposal of marriage because he wants his "son" to have his last name. This is one of my favorite parts of the story; the heroine saying that it could be a girl. In so many harlequin novels, the heroes alway assumes that the heroine is having a boy and the heroine don't correct them when they don't know the actual gender of the baby. I like how the heroine corrected him and says that there's is a 50% chance of it being a girl. The next thing I like is the questions the heroine brings up that few do, like where have you been and such. In end, she does agree to move in with him but not to marry him. I also love the hero's secretary; she is practically the fairy godmother in this story with her words of wisdom. I like how the hero and heroine's families meet and the atmosphere is bliss. Both families like their children's other partner. I also like how the hero and heroine were being honest and communicating with each other about a lot of things like their previous marriages because it gave the reader insight of why they act that way. One of my favorite parts is the couple being together for the ultrasound, it was so adorable. The next part I like is how the heroine resisted the idea of marrying the hero before the baby is born and wants to make the decision after the baby is born. I understand why the hero wants his child to not be born illegitimate. However, I also know that the heroine wants to be sure that their marriage will work after the baby is born. I know some people who have done something like this and they're still married and happy. Heroine wants to know if there is love between them. And again, I love the secretary because she is able to help the hero understand the heroine's decision on the marriage deal. Then we come upon an obstacle of pain: the ex-wife. She acted so weak in from of the hero and a meanie in front of the heroine. I loved how the heroine handled herself and the ex-wife. She did not shrink from her that's for sure. I also loved how the hero threw the ex-wife out of his house. I love how the hero confesses that he is in love with the heroine. It's absolutely adorable, he just says the right words. I also love the ending too, but I don't want to reveal it just yet. I know it was a good story.

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