The Reluctant Husband

Romance The Reluctant Husband

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The Reluctant Husband

When her father whisked her away from her mother, Francesca "Frankie" Vitale was exiled to Sardinia, an island off the coast of ItalyLater, when her dad died, Frankie was stuck with a family she didn't understand, emotionally or linguistically. As a child, she had an intense crush on Santino, an older boy in her town. After a night of harmless fun leads them to a shotgun marriage, they go their separate ways, linked only by paper. When they reunite, will their marriage actually start, or will they break their bonds forever?

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editor's comment - April 10th, 2015

The hero is so elegant. Sorry but I don't feel anything good with him. The best thing of him is that he loves heroine from start to the end. Heroine is a tough woman. Although she divorced and left for London, she works there and become leader of her company.
The end of the story is quite nice and you will see beautiful scenery of Rome.

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she was blind to her surroundings. 3  3

Yeah, it was hard for me to like this one for many reasons. I mean, the heroine couldn't be in a better place at the time but she didn't know it. She was a child who was suddenly dumped in another country by her father that had a different language and culture among strangers. Then her dad dies and she want to go back to England but nobody does nothing and the slap from her grandfather doesn't help. Of course, she didn't know and won't know till years later that her grandfather called her selfish mother time and time again to come see the heroine but the woman wouldn't because she didn't want to have the responsibility of being a mom. The only ray of sunshine for the heroine is the hero and she hangs around him a lot, which causes a lot of people to gossip badly about her. She decides to escape the island by hiding in the hero's car but he finds her and brings her back. Now, she's been caught by her old fashioned grandparents who state her honor has been ruined, she makes up a lie about being with the hero, and the hero decides to save her by marrying her as the right thing to do. Now, she wonders why the hero never made a move on her when they were first married. In my opinion, it's because she was sixteen and underage. However, we go further along the story, discovering it is because on their wedding night, the hero came upon the heroine wearing a night cap, pigtails, and, clutching a teddy bear!!! If you wanted to turn off a man, there's a good way. Then there's the whole kiss incident with OW and she decides to divorce. She sends the divorce papers to her mother but the greedy women sees the golden goose and doesn't sent them in to be processed. Now, after many years, the heroine and hero are finally together and while the heroine is extremely slow in putting the pieces of the puzzle together, the hero isn't. He can see the heroine has been lied to over matters of money and everything. Seriously, the woman never thought for a minute of how could they afford the mansion, jewels, and abroad trips when the mother wasn't working!!! Even after the mother made up some ludicrous news about the heroine being missing in order to strike at the hero, the heroine still defends her. Then the heroine is brought to the hero's parents who treat him second rate because he's not their dead eldest son. In fact, this is when she starts looking good in front of the reader. The heroine finally admits what a harlot her mother is when the hero is asleep who disappears the next morning. The heroine finds out she's pregnant and goes to tell the hero. However, when she sees him, it's with the woman who kissed him and it's the woman that his parents want to marry. She collapses on the street and wakes up to the hero's face. They also sit down and talk out where misunderstandings are cleared and shouts of love for the other are headed. We fast forward a year where the heroine's mother has become better as well as the hero's parents who realize losing one son is tragic but losing two is far worse. It's all a happy ending but I really didn't like the plot of this story.

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