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Emily travels to the desert kingdom of Kazban to ask for an extension on her brother's debt. But the handsome and haughty Prince Zak declares he will take her hostage until the money is repaid! While she's imprisoned in the castle, she starts to see the secret kindness and sadness in his eyes, and she begins falling for his mysterious charms...! Can she possibly free herself from this maze of love...and does she really want to?

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Many times, I usually can go off on what I think of the story's plot line and whether it's good or not, yet, in this story I had to read through to remember correctly. In this story, we have the heroine going to the hero to get a deadline extension on for her brother. The hero comes off as arrogant jerk but he leaves behind some interesting clues that make the person wonder about then heroine's brother. The heroine tries to handle the business delicately but it's hard when the person of the opposing party has been acting rude. The author makes it sound as if the brother has done a criminal activity in his country. He makes assumptions on the hero based on the her clothing, describing the total opposite of the heroine's character. What's interesting is that a lot of the staff believe that she is innocent according to the information that they have on her and yet, the hero thinks that she is the same like all horrible woman. The hero is facing some stress with the ongoing pressure from the current sheikh to marry his brother's gold digger of a wife. I understand that the next action of the heroine is to escape and even I would try but the heroine has forgotten that she is in a foreign country that has different rules and culture norms. In fact, she was almost "Taken". The hero does come in and save her but he also scolds her for leaving. The upside of it the event was apologizing to her. I like how the heroine is being honest to the hero. Then the hero shows evidence of embezzling and when the heroine calls her brother, she doesn't say anything. She still thinks that her brother is innocent and that can the reader wonder if it's true. Its always good to see from the hero's perspective on the heroine, especially when he is baffled with the way she acts and responds to him. One of my favorite parts was when the heroine was comforting a child. It was real sweet moment. Seeing a young child as part of the plot line made it good. The hero and heroine start to bond by the heroine teaching the hero how to raise and handle a child. It's quite sweet. Then we have the obstacle of the king getting the misunderstanding that the heroine is the woman that the hero is going to marry. The hero at first tries to deny but decides to let it go. He tells half the truth to the hero about the marriage being a business transaction and everything. I did find it surprising that the heroine just gave in. What was even more surprising was that the hero didn't see her at all on their wedding night. She was practically left alone and then had to deal with the widow gold digger of the hero's brother. The woman was multi-tasking with throwing herself over the hero and insulting the heroine at the same time. The hero didn't do a good job of not seeing the heroine after the ceremony but the heroine didn't give him a chance to explain. What I liked next was the instead of staying in a glum mood, she goes right to see the child when she hears how lonely he is. Then the horrible woman goes off in a temper tantrum. One of my favorite parts was the hero telling the horrible woman what he thought and a lot more. I was glad that she left. A lot of misunderstandings are cleared but when the hero and heroine try to make a move on each other. The hero pulls out and leaves her. Why? Because he believes that this is a marriage of convenience and that he doesn't want to take her by force, although a little insulting to be left behind by the hero for the heroine. I don't want to reveal the ending of how it goes but it is quite romantic on the heroine's part. It was a good story.

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