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Layla Laraway has a smooth-as-silk voice, but when most men meet her in person, they disregard her due to her full figure. Layla's gotten used to the idea that no man will ever fall in love with her, and she's got her work with Alzheimer's patients and her charity work to keep her busy. When she’s accidentally thrown onto the auction block at a charity event, Ethan Winslow bids on her when no one else does. Can Layla get past her insecurities and see that she’s found a good man, or will the love in her heart go to waste?

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Awesome and love it. 5  5

In a lot of harlequin books, there is the nice legs and pretty girl to the small and delicate looking skinny thing. This was one of the rear books that had a woman with height and curves. I also looked at the woman and she was beautiful. I like how the hero and heroine are introduced in the first pages together. The hero likes how heroine is full of humor and fun over the phone. I also liked how we see from both perspectives of the relationship of the couple. I like the sister of the hero. She knows the pain of what the heroine faces everyday and has a good idea of how a man should act towards a woman. I feel so sorry for the heroine for how she was treated by her fiancee because she couldn't look like a supermodel. She even went through a diet treatment that landed her in the hospital. The stupid man broke up with her because she wasn't a supermodel thin girl. What I like was the fact that when the hero first meets her, finally sees her, he is nice and respectful. He engages in a conversation unlike most of the men do. It really made me smile. Then a stupid host puts her in one of the most uncomfortable positions in front of the audience. I was shocked and wanted to slap him. I loved how the hero came to her rescue saying he would pay the highest amount and tells the host man of what a jerk he is. I loved how the heroine handled the situation. The heroine thinks that the hero is just too good and thinks that she is not good enough. Then the hero comes and asks her out on a date. It's so sweet of how they like certain things that don't have to be too simple or over extravagant but fun like going on roller coasters and sailboating. What I love about this story is they are being honest and communicating with each other. They say funny thins, they talk about their pasts. It's such a relief from all the secrets and the drama. I love how the hero is becoming attracted to Layla for who she is, her personality, and thinking. I also like how there are a few obstacles in the story because it makes it all the worth while. I love how the hero and the heroine come together to spend time. I love the hero for his sense of justice, hardworking, and looking into more than the outer appearance of a person. It was actually fun for me to read about them having a good time at lunch and talking with one another. What got me riled was what people were saying about the heroine of why is she with him because of their size. There were times that I wanted tot smack my hand to my head on the heroine trying to set the hero up with one of her pretty skinny friends. I felt so sorry for the hero wondering why she was trying to set him up when he wanted to be with her. I despise the hero's friend and his comments on the heroine like "Moo." I was happy that the hero told him to shut up but I did wish that he had said more. The friend makes it sound like it was a joke and I didn't believe for a second. I love how he wants to be more than friends and how he thinks that spending lunch together a lot means that they are more. I also like how strong he is in his opinion of wanting to be with the heroine. I love the answer the hero gives to the heroine when she asks what kind of woman he's looking for. I also like the gift that he gave her because of the meaning behind it. It's so sweet. I was disgusted on how the hero's friend disrespected her when meeting her. Not shaking her hand when she holds it out. What a pig. I love how the hero runs after the heroine when she hears such horrible things from the hero's friend and how the hero's sister gives what's coming to him. I love how they come together. What is best is how the heroine responds to the hero's confession. It's so romantic because she finally realizes of what he has done for her and only her. I loved this story because it's about the simplicity of love growing between two people based on who they are and not what they look like. It's one of my favorite books.

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