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Lee works for a high-end supermarket in England. She and her boss are on a business trip to France to buy wine. However, the man they are negotiating with, Gilles, is the man Lee loved six years ago, but who jilted her over a misunderstanding. That night, he introduces her as his fiancée, even though Lee is already engaged to Drew…

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He's such a hypocritical jerk!!!! 1  1

I was really ticked at the hero in this one because there was no satisfaction or pleasing him that the heroine could have done in order for him to even smile at her. Now, the hero and heroine were sweethearts when the heroine was 16 years old but they were separated when the heroine's cousin wrote a rather naughty letter to the hero who thinks she's a tart. Six years have passed and the heroine is engaged to another man who wants a trophy wife and she's fine with it, despite the fact she wants to continue working. She and her boss unexpectedly meet the hero to do business with his vineyard and he proclaims her as his fiancée in order to shake off a rich snobby woman. In order to keep her mouth, he blackmails her with the same letter that he'll send to her future husband 7 in-laws if she doesn't comply. Are you kidding me?! You remember calling this woman a tart and yet, you're using her as a shield against the other woman. He still believe that the letter was written by her because it matches her handwriting. Apparently, the cousin wanted to separate them, so she set up the heroine by practicing and copying her handwriting style. The heroine is stuck between a rock and a hard place and gives in to the hero's demands of them marrying the day after tomorrow. Now, after they're married, the hero is such a pig to the woman. Their wedding night: he demands to know how many men she's slept with and he doesn't want to sleep on dirty sheets. If she says something then he'll take as an insult and insult her back, regardless if it was a positive, negative, or just a comment then if she doesn't say something, he'll take it as an insult and insult her back. He can't say anything nice to the heroine. Example: when the hero is distressed during the hot month over the grapes, the heroine tries to lend a comforting hand by putting it on his shoulder but he takes it a sign of, "let's have coitus!" but when the heroine rejects him and tries to explain her earlier actions, he thinks it's just for revenge and decides to make it a contest on how can hold out the longest. AYKM?????!!!!!!! She has no allies in his chateu because the housekeeper hates (she's in cahoots with the OW but that's not revealed until later) the heroine & undermines everything she does. The dinner parties are horrible because she has to lie in front of the guests and deal with the constant jabs from the OW because she's the next door neighbor's only precious daughter. The next day, rain showers help lighten the mood and the two of them seduce each other under the rain. Does it go well? Only long enough for the hero to find out that he took the heroine's flower, have coitus, and still insult her for her "lecherous" behavior. The heroine actually has comebacks like the why didn't you tell me question had the response, "you wouldn't have believed me if I told you." The hero has no logical comeback in this one and they separate on bad terms. Now, the heroine finds out she pregnant but doesn't want to tell the hero because she's afraid of his attitude to having a baby. In fact, he still hasn't changed his attitude at all. Now, the heroine is getting calls from the OW about how the hero is staying over at her place and won't be coming home (he's staying to talk with the OW's father) and it's just painful for the heroine. However, she tries to help as best as she can by going out and joining the pickers. Yet, the hero gets ticked over the fact that a countess is working among the peasants to harvest the grapes. Ugh! It takes a fainting spell from the heroine for the hero to actually do something nice for her by calling the doctor. Now, this really burned my beans: the doctor, the female doctor discovers of the heroine's pregnancy and despite the pleas from the heroine, she goes off to tell the hero. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????????!!!!!! You have a patient who has asked you to keep her pregnancy a secret because she has revealed the hero's treatment to her and she's afraid but you disregard her feelings and well being to tell him. For viewers, I looked this up, PATIENT CONFIDENTIALITY is a huge thing in France that doctors need to follow. To break that confidential bond is not only unethical but illegal. The woman says to the heroine that she's losing confidence in herself but that's because the hero keeps knocking and crushing any confidence that the heroine tries to build up. That doctor could have sat down with the heroine to listen, talk, and make a plan to help ease into the idea of telling the hero himself instead of hearing it from the doctor and the fact that she knew she was pregnant. Really, I just wanted her to be reviewed by the medical board over her careless action. Now the hero is all hot air over the heroine not telling him herself but becomes the baby. It's like everything he says to the heroine is about the baby. Not even the whole baby can push the man to say something nice to the heroine like, "you look lovely today." The heroine's depressed mood has the hero think that she's doesn't want the baby; seriously, do you know one of the first things she asked you to do for the baby was not to treat it as his heir but as his child. She wants him to love the baby his own and nothing more. He has the same attitude towards her and here's the ironic part: he calls her friends over to cheer her up and brings her to a company where she can work at because she likes working. That's great and all but what about you saying something pleasant or positive to her face that's only about her!!! He has to be deaf as well because the heroine is writing a letter to her fiancée who's going to be an ex soon that she's ending the engagement to him. The hero comes and I quote from the heroine's mouth, "We can't leave things like this. It's to break off the engagement and return his engagement ring." HOW DID THE HERO MISINTERPRET THAT??????? He thinks she's going to run to the fiancée when she just said that she was breaking off the engagement. Now, he's being all rude and obnoxious about how she can never leave his house and orders the housekeeper (who's happy to oblige) to keep the heroine under house arrest. Then the OW comes in, strutting her stuff, acting like she's the lady of the house. She opens up how could the heroine stay with the hero if she lost the baby then the OW leaves. Not long after, the heroine is locked in the coldest part of the cellar by the housekeeper and isn't found until hours later by the good friends of the hero who actually like the heroine and the hero himself. Once the heroine is out of danger, he admits to himself and her (when she's asleep of course) that he hasn't been a good husband. My response: YA THINK?! Now, he's going to make an effort to be better and I will believe when I see it. So, housekeeper/mole for OW is fired and we skip to the party. At the party, the hero gives the heroine family earrings and they meet the OW & father. The OW pulls the hero into a dance and the heroine finds her room destroyed with a dead, bleeding out rabbit in the middle of it all. She screams and he comes running to comfort her then takes her out to announce to the guests of the coming birth of their first child. Now, who comes in after that announcement but the heroine's ex-fiancée, invited by the OW. He makes a scene, calling the heroine the same sort of names the hero did and the hero actually does something nice for the heroine. He punches the fiancée hard, tells him never to insult the heroine, and that he's been in love with her since she was 16. Then, the hero orders the OW never to show her face to him and after the party, the heroine confronts the hero on what he said at the party. Now, this is the cake of the whole thing because the hero reveals his true intentions for blackmailing the heroine. The hero was in love with the heroine when she was 16 but made himself stop after receiving the letter. Then when they meet and he sees the engagement ring, he devises a plan to make the heroine his. However, he knew that he didn't have her heart or that he treated her well at all, in fact, he didn't mean to say all those horrible things to the heroine. Let me get this straight: you blackmailed the heroine into marrying you because you still had feelings for her but when you realized you didn't have her heart, you insulted her with every breath in your body. YOU HAD SIX MONTHS OF TIME TO WOO THAT WOMAN!!!! After the wedding, he could have said so many positive and romantic things in order for her to fall into his arms but NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He was just a jerk and a hypocritical one at that. So, to summarize, he admits he's in love with the heroine, she accepts and admits that she's in love with him and we get a happily ever after with a cute little baby boy. Yeah, no, not for me. I didn't like it so much.

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