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Standing outside the office of blind novelist Saul Cresswell, Autumn silently prays for the courage to knock on his door. Four years ago, it was her young love that stole his sight. Racked with guilt, Autumn disappeared from Saul's life. However, wanting nothing more than to be his strength, she returns under the fake name Elizabeth to work as his aide. As she watches Saul gallantly overcome the obstacles that plague his life, Autumn's youthful affection swells into ardent love...

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editor's comment - June 5th, 2015

I felt the jealousy and the sense of guilty of heroine as if they were my own feeling.
The description was that detailed and very close to the reality.
They story told that love sometimes requires the patience and generosity for letting go of the most precious thing in heart.
How the heroine won in the end was almost like a miracle and it brought me the sense of relief.

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Good story but not for me 3  3

I had some major issues with this story, but the story was paced well and the art was good. I also felt it was good that the title hinted at the fact that this "love" story is about an unhealthily obsessive girl and her childhood neighbor, the jerk in disguise who went blind. Some of the things she did were so horribly wrong. It was shameful and made it embarrassing to read and the way he reacted to her obsessiveness was either really mean or ignoring it which also rubbed me the wrong way. However, it's overall a good package if you like that sort of thing.

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Beautiful and touching story 5  5

A young girl falls inlove with her handsome and kind neighbour. Blinded by her love she took his kindness as something more. Naive girl makes a mistake that causes the hero to get into an accident loosing his sight. 4 years later, with the guilt consuming her afraid to see him feeling unworthy, the heroine dedicated her life teaching blind kids. When she finds the chance to work with him under a false name..she takes it. Thinking she could see his smile once again.. little did she know shes not the only one who has a secret she wants to hide. This is a story of forgiveness, second chances and young love that turns out to be a great love. Beautiful absolutely beautiful story.

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