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Passion Romance Unmasking the Maverick Prince

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Unmasking the Maverick Prince

Mitchell Edward Warner III, the son of a senator, made a promise to two friends in college: when each of them marries, he has to give up his most precious possession. A decade later, Mitchell has become a reclusive farm boy, and he’s become the focus of an article Tori Barnett is writing for her magazine. Why did he escape the political life destined for him? He doesn't know it yet, but this writer might make Mitchell give up more than just his privacy.

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average with a sense of good humor. 5  5

The story is good because the hero is one of the last men is in on a bet with two bigwigs about getting married. I liked how we were able to see from the point of view from the heroine and the hero. The heroine comes back to her hometown with bad memories of it. They both become attracted to each other but it takes a funny situation to bring them together. It was so ridiculous that it made me laugh. It leaves the heroine and hero out in the cold. Literally, they have to snuggle together in the back in a pick up truck with hay and a blanket. I have to admit that they went a little quick for my tastes when it came to jumping in the "bed". The heroine's friend could quickly tell what happened between the heroine and hero. The amusing part was when the heroine told her friend," We did it." The friend thought the heroine had fallen in love. It was funny. The heroine seems to take the possibility of having a child from him calmly. It's quite new. When the heroine and hero meet again, the heroine says that she works with a woman's magazine, which in translation to the hero: media and paparazzi. An argument breaks out and it seems that it goes wrong but the hero decides to discuss it with her. I do like that the hero has some conditions to this interview, though having the heroine stay at his place was a little weird, even if his reason held some ambiguity. I love the hero's grandfather. He just has the spark that everyone is attracted, no matter how old they are. Plus, he is crafty in a sweet way. The audience gets to find out how much of a good guy that the hero is. After their first day, we find out the reason that the hero wanted the heroine to come and stay at his place: no sleep tonight, hahahaha. There are some bumps in the road, but with those bumps comes some humor. It's also so funny when the hero and the heroine start kissing at the fair, the grandfather says, "That's my grandson," I couldn't stop laughing. I do like how both hero and heroine have their own present issue to deal with. When the heroine is leaving, she does make a point of being on the same level as the other woman, but saying that what other use you had for me to the hero was calling the kettle black because she using him as a subject to an interview. The heroine leaves and finds out that she is pregnant then ask to interview the hero's father by request of her boss even though knowing that the hero won't like it. It was fun to watch the scene between the hero and his grandfather go. I also love the wording that they use here. When the hero starts to go after the heroine, she is already on his front door step. I admit that it was a too quick but she did feel guilty for what happened. The communication between the two was good because of the pain they both were letting go and moving forward with one another. It was a good story to read and make one laugh.

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