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Morwenna had grown tired of living with her family, so she left home. With nowhere to go, she decides to go to Trevennon, where her mother used to live. There she meets the owner of a manor, a beautiful young man named Dominic. He tells her stories about her mother, and Morwenna falls head over heels in love. But is Morwenna really ready to dig up the past?

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More Shoujo than Josei 2  2

The 2 main's were children... the girl most certainly had to be no older than 16 the boy may have been 18 or 19 but he acted like he was younger than her at times. Both were impulsive and acted immature. I guess this would be a good harlequin for people who like high school romance manga. But that's not really me. I do feel it was written well for what it was though.

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Where's the romance? 2  2

The heroine goes off to then setting of the hero because of her vicious relative degrading her so much. I was happy that she had the backbone to leave, but she never really planned anything, which in may case is a bit naive. When the heroine comes to the castle of the hero. The hero and the heroine first meet, the heroine kinda of comes off as childish because she says one thing then says something else the opposite of it. Then when they meet again, the hero threatens to throw her out till she explains herself. It's at first funny how the two are going head to head with each other, but it gets old real fast. The heroine learns some things about her mother that seem like lies but the hero has a firm belief in them. The hero's brother is way more polite to the heroine. The brother also gives some information about the heroine's mother's past there at the castle. It's all because she was engaged to one person then fell in love and eloped with another person. After that, some special secrets concerning the hero's family business ended up in the hands of a rival company that drove them to near bankruptcy. It was hard to believe that the people are blaming the heroine's daughter considering she wasn't born at the time. Once the brother drops the heroine off, the hero comes after her calling her sneaky because his uncle ( the dissed groom) saw the paintings that she "accidentally" left at the mansion (which she did) and the hero is throwing a fuss. The heroine decides to leave, but the hero is ever forceful and drags her back to the castle. The uncle is much more pleasant to the heroine and states that the hero is compassionate. He does come up with a good reason but the behavior still loses some brownie points for me. We then find out that when Laura disappeared as well as the company secrets everybody "assumed" that it was her but it was never proven. We also find out that the heroine's mother never really agree to marry the uncle of the hero. The uncle was a bit stupid because he knew that Lauren didn't do it after reading the letter but did nothing to correct the rumor that she stole the secrets. It was ridiculous. The heroine decides to stay in order to prove her mother's innocence so that the hero will apologize to her. When she tells the hero her decision, though I don't blame him for how he responds, I do like it more how the heroine reacts to his hurtful words. After a while, the heroine is distressed and complains to the hero that it's his fault that things here hate her. It's so silly. Then out of nowhere, the hero kisses her? After that, the uncle has her go get some files from the office, which lands her in an awkward situation of a woman who despises the heroine's mother and the hero. I felt terrible for the heroine and anger at the uncle who put her in that situation even though he states that he did it for a reason. The hero doesn't even apologize for treating the heroine like a thief. After the uncle confesses why he did it, the hero acts all cold to the heroine and says come cruel things to her. The old woman throws a party for the heroine but treats her cruelly, the only person who stands up for her is the uncle, all the hero does is give the heroine coffee. Then the uncle takes the heroine and the hero to the room where the heroine's mother stayed and the hero makes a sexist, and sexual harassing comment to the heroine. It was so rude. The only thing good that came out of it was the fact that the heroine poured a vase of water and flowers over the hero's head. The hero's brother describes the hero's behavior as a bully boy who has a crush over a girl. Really, if the man was an adult then he would know that the nice way of wooing a girl is not insulting her by saying he wants to sleep with him. The hero and heroine meet again because the hero wants to apologize but the heroine doesn't want to talk to him and I wouldn't blame her. Then in the heat of the moment when they are literally undressing, the heroine remembers that the hero is announcing his engagement to another woman and she comes up with a lame lie to the hero if he's pay for her art education. She practically made herself look like a seductress in the eyes of the hero. What ever happened to a simple no. I was glad that they didn't have sex, because there was no clarification if they were in a relationship or something. The heroine tries to make things right and asks the old woman to attend the party for the uncle sake but the hold woman throws a tantrum and the heroine leaves. The heroine leaves a note that she is left at the castle, but is hiding at a friend's house. She then decides to leave a portrait that he made herself to the hero so that he'll know of her feelings. Why? She knew that her friend was coming back, so she could have left a note, asking her to leave it at the castle and be on her way. The mission of leaving it is successful but the heroine falls in a bit of trouble. The hero comes and saves her and when she comes to her senses, the hero holds up a ring and says, "Marry me". That is not romantic at all. It had a bit of a cute ending, but there was no development between the hero and the heroine on love. It wasn't interesting.

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