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Nick Coleman grew up a thug in a poor town but since then, with the help of a billionaire named Steinway, he learned about business and is now a billionaire playboy. Steinway's only daughter, Sarah, has always had a crush on him. However, since Nick knew Sarah as a child, he has never seen her as a woman. In an attempt to get him to notice her, she has a male friend pose as her boyfriend. Can Nick stand idly by while the sparks fly?

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In this story, we have a heroine who has a pain in the neck of a guardian because all the men she has tried to date have run off because the guardian ( the hero) says that they're after her money. The heroine has done comfort eating, gained weight, and lost again after working out in a gym. That is one good way to lose weight ( You also need to eat healthy food on a nutrition plan). The heroine also happens to have a huge crush on the hero since she was eight years old. The hero and her gym instructor/ friend (gay guy) come up with a plan to see if the hero really cares about her. The heroine comes back home but finds that the hero is there when he's supposed to be somewhere else, he goes on saying the new changes have happened and tells the heroine that she would have known had she been known. Next, he asks if she is in a relationship. I did like how the heroine stands up to him by saying that it's none of his business which is right because she is a twenty-four year old woman, a legal adult. They exchange some words and the hero feels like nothing is going right. The hero is also ten years older than the heroine. Then the hero and theorize are in a spat because both are bragging about their new lovers in front of each other indirectly. It's feels a bit childish. The hero then gives some fancy gift to both the heroine and the two closet supporting characters in the story. For example, sapphire cuff links. The heroine is then treated like a child by the hero again. When the snob of the hero's lover comes for the party, she acts terrible to the heroine even though the heroine tries to be welcoming. The hero has seriously bad taste. I was happy that the friend came at the moment, landing the a kiss on the heroine. It was probably the first time that I was happy that someone other than the hero was kissing the heroine full on the lips. It did get the hero's attention and has fury towards the friend, which I find silly. The friend also has the heroine play a long to a scheme that leads them to the bedroom that they said loud enough for the hero to hear. It felt like they were baiting a fish. I think that the friend is enjoying playing with the hero and frankly, I would too. They come back later to the party, with the hero all agitated at them coming so late till he sees the heroine's face flushed, hair down, and earrings missing. The hero nearly throws a fit, grabs the heroine, leaving his lover and takes her to a private room where he berates her for such behavior. The heroine does come up with reasons on why he shouldn't act this way. Then we find some things out about the hero's true feelings and why he has been acting that way. They are valid reasons. I did like when the hero found out what the friend's type was. Then when the heroine confesses that she is in love with him. The stupid hero ruins by saying that he only feels lust and not love for her. The heroine is hurt and goes worse when the hero's lover throws a temper tantrum in front of all the hero's employers and employees, saying that the hero and the heroine had a sexual relationship. The hero and the heroine hold their ground pretty well. They make the lover look terrible. The heroine and hero talk again, and they have sex and what's harsh is the hero comparing the heroine to what they just did to women like the love and what's worse is the heroine accepting it. No, something is wrong. Then they are hit with an obstacle. Then after that, is another obstacle is when the hero comes close to losing the heroine and has that lightening strike of realization of what could happen to the heroine. When the heroine wakes up, the hero asks her to marry him and they do. I did like the wedding ceremony. There is nothing wrong with having a 61 year old bridesmaid. It was an okay story.

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