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At nineteen Kate wanted to see just how far she could go on her own, so she left home to work in London. However, her fiancé, Jack, couldn’t wait for her. He immediately broke up with her and married someone else. Nine years later, Kate returns home, runs into Jack and learns that his marriage ended shortly after she left. And she learns that they both still have feelings for each other. But Kate also has a secret that she just can't bring herself to tell him…

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Patience is a virtue. 5  5

The hero and the heroine have a reunion of seeing each other for the first time in ten years. It threw me off that the hero broke up with the heroine because she didn't want to get married. I can understand that that at the age of nineteen, you want to do some more before tying the knot. I know that when I was nineteen, I didn't want to worry about having a wedding, I was worrying about my education. So, he goes off and marries another woman three months after the break up. Good Grief. Over the ten years, the heroine gets in engaged to several men but it never goes through, and I had my doubts. I did like that the age gap wasn't huge like ten years. They were only four years apart. They were both stubborn but they made valid points. I understand that the heroine wanted to do more in her life before marriage and kids. The hero wanted to help his father and succeed in the business. There is nothing wrong with their dreams. They just couldn't let it go. They both weren't open. So, they meet again and they learn some thins like the reason why the hero got married so quick. Apparently, the woman that he sought comfort in got pregnant but miscarried after their marriage. I like that the hero took responsibility for the child, even though by simple calculation it wasn't his. They start to open and talk about their lives. I like how the heroine had backbone with her 3rd ex-fiance when he told that she should give her orphan niece. They broke up and she kept her niece. The hero and the heroine meet again for a party and there is a meanie of a woman who seems to have it out for the heroine, even though the heroine is being polite. The woman is acting all clingy to the hero, even though she is married. The hero and the heroine are stuck in the situation of being alone and the hero wants them together. After some tension release, they do it. We also find out some things about the heroine's sister that makes me feel like saying, "Wow!" The woman stated that her sister should repay her for raising her and because of her , they couldn't have children. That is a bunch of bull, a woman can raise both sister and child. They have the financial means and why? There was never any indication that they weren't able to. They practically manipulated the poor heroine and kept her from helping raising the baby. The hero and the heroine try to handle the situation of telling the child because the child lost its adoptive parents. However, the child has a better grasp and it ends with a happily ever after. I would say that it's a five star.

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