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Katriona lives with her older brother, Magnus, at Falla Island, in Shetland. Her brother worked as a geologist in the oil fields of the Middle East, but is now suffering in the aftermath of a tragic accident. Katriona wants to do anything she can to restore his former self, but is struggling to raise money. And then, during this time of struggle, someone arrives to exploit the oil fields on the island…

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I'd never stay in that hotel. 3  3

Good story, Good art, kinda funny how they meet. How does a hotel move someone who's already checked into a room into someone elses room without asking the person or saying anything to them? that's ridiculous. but minus that convenient but in reality impossible way for them to meet it was a good story.

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fine 4  4

The story goes off with a heroine who is trying to take care of her older brother whose heart is gnawed with the regret of not being able to save his colleagues when a group of extremists bombed their office in the desert. The heroine heads to town to get supplies and meets the hero and though they have an extremely bad meeting. I didn't like how both hero and the heroine didn't try to solve it like adults. The hero just stayed in the same room and didn't try to make the situation better. I felt sorry for the heroine in the moment. The hero returns and talks with her brother who really is depressed. They read a letter addressed to the hero from an oil company that wants to drill on their island. The heroine has a social hatred for oil but her brother should be the one but he is relatively calm about it. They both agree to let a team come and do the drilling and it turns out that the hero is one the team. Their reunion is again spit fire towards one another. Well, mostly the heroine. The heroine then finds out that she has to provide a meal for the group on the meager supplies that they have and they throw a fit. Then the generator goes out, which according to the hero who goes to help the heroine is an antique and wonders if the team is not welcome. Really? The hero should have realized that by the amount of food and the condition of the generator that these people don't have a lot of money. The heroine had a right to get mad at the hero. They meet again. spitting fire at each other about how the heroine is doing everything when her brother should be helping, the heroine going back saying that the hero doesn't know anything about the brother. It just goes south. After that, the hero actually gets some information on the situation of the siblings as wells and the tight budgets. They start to get a little heavy tip the heroine goes off that the hero is tricking her and her brother and the her gets mad. However, things start to get better because the hero gets the brother into the activities that he once did, which is slow and good. The heroine sees that her brother is starting to open up, become his owls self again. I like how the hero is helping the brother come back. The heroine is also starting to realize it too. Then the hero is able to bring the big push onto the brother to bring him back. We also find out that the heroine noticed the trick and we understand that the heroine wanted to save and protect her brother. The fact that she feels frustrated on not being able to save and protect him. They start to get hot and heavy but the hero suddenly stops and leaves the heroine feeling depressed. The hero and the brother go off, leaving the heroine alone to start planning to leave but gets caught up in a fog that's potentially dangerous if you live on the seaside cliffs. We find out that the hero comes to the rescue. They get to safety and the hero confesses his love for the heroine. The hero also mentions why he didn't take her that night because she was emotionally stressed and it didn't feel right and I can say good job for the hero. The story ends with the heroine saying "I love you". It was a fine story.

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