Romantic Suspense A DOCTOR'S SECRET

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Tania was raped by her boyfriend when she was seventeen. Wanting to not think about the past, she commits herself to her residence at the ER. She still has sleepless nights after hard days of working to avoid contact with men. She feels encouraged after meeting a handsome man, Jesse, who was sent to the ER, and begins to open herself up, heartened by Jesse’s tender love. But at the same time, strange incidents happen to her one after another...

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A thrill 5  5

The beginning of the story is interesting because it begins with a robbery. The introduction between the hero and the heroine is awesome as well because it's funny. Their interaction between the two is sweet and wonderful. However, I feel sorry for the poor hero who gets bombarded by reporters. The look on his face is priceless. The heroine is amused by the hero's reactions on the t.v. But goes to meet him because she finds that he left behind an important object. When the hero finds out who the voice is through intercom, it's hilarious. The hero invites the heroine for dinner, the heroine at first declines but then accepts tip there is strange woman standing outside the hero's flat. The heroine goes home to where we have the family of girls. They are sophisticated girls who are all doctors, except the youngest who is still in college. I do find the mother a funny and a little irritating. She is one of those controlling mother and it's funny. The heroine goes to dinner with the hero and they have a wonderful time. Then the hero meets the heroine's family. It's cute. After that, the hero is pulled into a midnight shift at work and the next day receives a present: a torn up dead bird. Very disgusting and mysterious. They have no idea on how sent this, but I like how the heroine grabbed a latex glove and threw it in the trash. I like how we get to see the heroine at work in the surgery, we even find out what kind of surgeon that she wants to be: a spine surgeon. The hero starts to woo the heroine and its sweet, like musical tickets. It was funny watching the heroine's reaction to them. Then a strange thing happens to the heroine because someone pushed her out onto a busy street. The heroine got off lucky and the heroine' parents come to pick her up. They talk about what happened, and guess why it happened. I liked that in this story, we have good scenes of parents interacting with their children. The heroine and the hero go to the musical and have a great time. The hero then confesses that he is attracted to the heroine and the heroine starts to give in till they start getting into the bed. Memories of a horrible event come to mind and it just hurt to find out that the heroine was raped by her drunk boyfriend. It must have hurt to tell the hero what happened. Then I totally love how the hero responded, he was so gentle and understanding. Saying that he would wait till she was ready. I was so happy. Then they get home to find that the heroine's door is open even though the heroine remembers closing it. The hero goes in and they stay together. They start fall asleep on the bed but the poor hero feels trapped. The heroine senses something and tells the hero that she is ready. They do it and it looks beautiful. The hero leaves but turns around to make sure that the heroine is safe but finds the door open, the gas from the oven being released and the heroine asleep. The hero is able to save her. They then start to call the police, which is also the heroine's brothers in law. They go over the strange events that have been happening to the heroine since then. The most likely suspect is the heroine's boyfriend who raped her. The hero then decides to stay with the heroine till the matter is resolved. They go by a system and the heroine feels a little stressed but seriously in that situation, who can blame her. The heroine then finds out from her brother in law that the fingerprints found on the gas pipe weren't her ex-boyfriend's finger prints, which is good. Just as the heroine starts to get ready: the real intruder comes. It was a bit creepy and thrilling at the same. I'm just going to give the hint that the person is a bit crazy. I love how the hero came to the rescue. The ending was pretty amazing. I liked how the heroine was the one who took control in the confessing department.

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