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Londoner Rosa visits an island off Scotland to meet a famous author, Liam Jameson, because she was told that her missing sister would be with Liam. Feeling at a loss on a strange island, the handsome man she conversed with on a ferry approaches her. He says, “I will take you to Kilfoil Castle where Liam lives.” He says his name is Luther Killian. But Rosa has no idea that his name is the main character of Liam’s novel.

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I'd be interested in reading the novel 4  4

This harlequin was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. I liked both the male and the female lead. If I had to pick about something at all it would be the small part right before the end where the female lead runs away from the party when the male lead's ex-girlfriend comes up and talks to him. He gave no hint that he wanted her to go she came to that conclusion all on her own. Her only small issue is she needed a bit more confidence. Other than that though I liked both mains and I enjoyed the story. The guy was mysterious so that was great. The only other thing I feel I have to say is that you can tell that there is a lot of things that were kinda touched on and implied but not covered in too much detail in the manga version. Like the mother only really caring about the female lead's sister and a more in depth look at what happened with the sister and the men pretending to be the male lead to lure women. They give us closure with the manga about what happened but you can tell that there is a lot more to the story and I look forward to checking it out when I get the chance. I'd definitely read the manga again though and I think other people would enjoy it as well.

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romantic. 5  5

In the beginning, the heroine goes after her sister who has disappeared (again) because of her own worries and her nagging mother. She meets a man (hero) and asks for information on the man who is a famous author on the whereabouts of the sister, the man has no idea where the sister is and is even more surprised that there is a movie shoot rumor going around. The heroine follows the man to the castle where the hero lives. Once they reach the castle, the butler reveals the true identity of the hero as the famous author. They discuss on the information shared on the rumor of the movie and such. The heroine does act a bit rash when it comes to rooming outside but the hero is a gentlemen and gives her a room. They start to bond well till the heroine starts asking questions on why the hero won't make any movies and it's because the media is cruel, the heroine talks about doing it for the fans but the hero goes into a rage over the mention of fans. He rips up his shirt to have the heroine find a multitude of scars and some bad ones too. Both realize that they crossed a line. The heroine goes back home to find her sister and her sister explains what happened and the younger sister handled it well. However, when the heroine suggested that the sister should go to the police, the mother went off into a fit saying that is will ruin the sister's image. How stupid, can that mother be because if those men tried to do to the sister what they will do to other future victims then they should report it. The heroine also learns how the scars on the hero came to be and it's terrible. I can't imagine a fan actually doing that to the author, I'm so sure that it must have been scary. There is some time spent away from the hero and the heroine but I'm glad that the heroine and her sister went to the police about it. That's where the hero and the heroine reunite. Both confess their faults and feelings towards each other and it's quite romantic. They openly communicated with one another. The hero decides to face the media, which I found really brave and has the heroine come along with him. They go together where the hero's ex-fiancee is waiting for him right after her divorce. She acts all clingy even though she left him in his darkest moment. The heroine feels left out with all these celebrities and begins to leave till the hero catches up with her and states that he is there a because of her and is in love with her. It's very romantic and they decide to face it together. I didn't like how the mother compared the heroine to her sister asking the hero why not the sister. What a terrible mother. I especially loved the baby scene. The ending was great.

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