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Beth, a popular singer, was shooting her latest music video in the middle of a desert. when she was taken to the palace of Sheikh Suliman for entering his property without permission. As ordered, she sings a song for the sheikh and his eyes never leave her. Soon, she’s smitten with Suliman, but are they really meant for each other?

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woahh..intense cosplay..messed up leads 2  2

I cant.. I honestly cannot believe this was made into a story..and a comic. Goodness, Im somewhat relieved that it was revealed to be some kind of farce because goodness that bit of him being so barbaric , egotistic is soo textbook that its almost cringe worthy. Even then it was still super lame and degrading. This title is like a terrible fanfiction by someone who know little about many things. Awful. Just so awful. Esp the intimate scenes ..tell me you want me! say it! LOL. hahaha omg im laughing so hard.

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overdone man and underdone woman 3  3

The story didn't exactly show a growing romance, more of a growing lust. I mean I have no problem with lust, but you can't replace lust with love. In the story, we have the heroine who is a famous singer and in her culture is independent. Then there is the hero comes from a culture of macho men. They meet and talk and everything is fine till the heroine hits her head and goes unconscious. Instead of taking her back to her party, the hero sweeps her away: this is called kidnapping. The heroine is mad at the hero for his actions, but the hero states that she is now his prisoner and will follow his orders. The hero also left falsified information for the heroine' party. The servant girl is no better, she acts like the heroine should be thankful for the hero choosing her. There is such a difference in how these two women were taught. The hero goes off on how she is a prisoner and the heroine escapes that night, but by morning is once again caught. Then when one of the members of the heroine's party come to get her, the servant girl has the tea spiked so the hero can once again whisk the heroine again. They do come again and the producer throws a fit, pulling out a knife on the defenseless hero, although, I was a bit glad that the heroine threw another and no one died. The heroine chooses to go with the hero and the hero starts going off about their wedding plans and she hasn't even asked heroine," Will you marry me?" or something like that. The heroine just gives in. After the small wedding and sex, the heroine throws a fit and the hero says, "you came here not to be loved, but to be queen". I'm just losing interest. Then after their last fight that ended up in sex, the hero gives in signing for a divorce. The heroine suddenly realizes that she loves the hero and finds him with a bunch of scrapbooks of her. Then they act like everything is perfect. Geez, that just took too long for me and I felt little lust and no love.

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