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Thady, who disappeared from Anne’s life seven years ago, has now reappearedSince he left, she has gone out with other men, but she could never forget Thady. He has become a successful playwright and is rumored to have been with many beautiful women. As soon as they are reunited, their passion for one another is apparent. However, his sad past may ruin their chance at a reunion…

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Hero is Horrible 1  1

No simpathy for hero. He was wrong completely. I don't understand how anyone could view otherwise. I kept waiting for, at the very least, some groveling, apologizing, and begging for forgiveness from him, though even that would have been unsubstantial. However, we not only don't get that, but there is not even an acknowledgement of his wrongdoings.

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Horrible! 1  1

I can't believe it that someone wrote a story like this. We have heroine and a hero. The hero broke the heroine's heart because he wasn't committed and left her in the dust. Then after seven years, they meet up again. The heroine tries to stay strong but she gives in before the book is halfway through the pages. The hero tries to resist her by saying he will keep hurting her but he never says why. There were plenty of times when he could have said and trust me, the reason was enough. I couldn't believe him. He is practically a lying scumbag. The reason: his wife, who he is still legally married to is in a coma. I was like, are you kidding me. Do you know when the hero actually tells the heroine; after months when she is heavily pregnant with his child and he won't tell her why he keeps going to America. He just keeps her in the dark about everything. He uses her. I get the fact that he is heartbroken over his comatose wife, but the wife that he doesn't even think of the heroine's feelings enough to be honest to her was ridiculous. It was downright wrong. Just going over the book, it ticking me off. The hero even tries to keep the heroine from people who know about his wife. Doesn't that seem suspicious to the reader? Even the stupid secretary of the hero knows and she doesn't tell the heroine about the wife. The heroine is so weak-willed being the patient person who has no idea of what is going on. When he finds out about the child, he says and I quote his exact words, " I love this child," and yet, he abandons her and his child to be with his comatose wife. And when she finally starts demanding some answers and states that she will leave them, he says, "you'll abandon me after everything I've done for you," Really?! Really?! What exactly has the hero done for her except lie to her face, hold secrets and abandoned her? The heroine deserves better. And once the baby is born, he leaves them again. I'm sorry, but that is so wrong. I can't believe how the secretary reacted to the heroine's decision to leave the hero. I understand loyalty to the boss and that she has been with him for a long time but come on. The secretary knew her boss was hiding secrets, secrets that would hurt the heroine and she kept them to herself. And she has the nerve to throw a fit at the heroine, calling her ungrateful. This is one of the secretary's quotes,"He said everything would be settled in a few days," Oh please, the heroine waited seven years and has been listening to his lies, why would I believe in him. That secretary is so stupid. Then she finds out the wife is in a coma, she runs after him. None of this makes sense at all. I can't believe that she decided to wait for him and he didn't even come to his own child during those months. It was over three months. The ending wasn't enough, the man should have been on hands and knees to ask not only for her hand in marriage but for her forgiveness in lying, abandonment. Not a good story. I'm getting frustrated and angry at reading this book.

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