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"What the hell does that baby in your belly have to do with me?" Nico is not only a prince of Niroli but also a working architect in London. His secretary, Carrie, gave in to Nico's pushy seduction knowing that it would only be a one-night stand. Three months later, she learns that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Nico has been called back to his home country due to a dispute over who will be heir to the throne. Full of unease and hopes, Carrie and Nico are reunited at the royal palace. But what's waiting for her there are Nico's cold words and his beautiful fiancée! This is the fifth installment of the Royal House of Niroli.

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The story of the virgin and the prince. The heroine has fallen in love with the ceo of her company and they proceed to have a one night stand, which includes in the loss of the heroine's virginity. This leads to a pregnancy and the hero going back to his country to lead the kingdom. The heroine goes after the hero to tell him that he is going to be a father and that he is in love with him. Why? I really don't know. I did like that in this story, we get to see from the point of view of the hero. The heroine gets into the palace through working as temporary staff, which to me is a bit sloppy on security because the guard mentioned that he name isn't on the list. Wow. The heroine meets the hero and the heroine finds out that the hero was actually worried ( he went to her house address that was on the company information when she quit without a notice). Then the heroine tells him that she's pregnant. The hero denies it without explanation, saying,"Because I know it." The heroine stands her ground against the hero, saying that she doesn't want his money, only to let him know of his impending fatherhood. They get interrupted by the woman who everyone wants the hero to marry. The hero and the woman leave and the poor heroine is in distress. The audience learns that the reasons why the hero believes that he can't be the father is because he had an illness as a child that supposedly left him infertile. So, he is torn with suspecting the heroine to wonderment. The heroine goes back to her hotel, to find it burning. She helps a woman clean it and finds out through the hero who comes that the woman is his mother. The hero acts all suspicious around the heroine. The mother of the hero has the heroine stay at the palace. The heroine is considerate of the hero and his mother, not telling the mother of her becoming a grandmother. The hero and the heroine meet again in the garden where they fight again and the hero stands her ground. There is a party to which, the heroine is invited by the mother and the hero is always looking at her. I do like how the heroine pushes him. For example, when he kisses her, she asks him "You don't believe in me, but you want to have sex with me?" In the end, the hero is pushed so much that he goes in for some tests at the doctor's and finds out that he is fertile (big surprise). He meets with the heroine again, he tells her about why he thought it couldn't be true and admits that he said a lot of bad things. I didn't hear a sorry though. The heroine is forgiving. Then the hero goes off how they should marry, the heroine sense something is off and asks him why he wants to marry her. He stupidly answers that a child needs a father. The heroine refuses and says that he also came to him because she fell in love but she doesn't want to be in a loveless marriage. The hero becomes foul and says that she will marry him or else the royal family won't support the child and her. The heroine is heartbroken but I'm so glad that she left that situation and got back to working. Good girl. A month goes by till the hero is able to find her again. Then he asks with a please to the heroine that she won't disappear from him again. He admits that he is in love with her. The one thing that shocked me most was how the king took it. The King was so understanding unlike how he reacted to the previous heirs's decisions. I did like the last few words of the mother. It was fine story.

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