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Lisa parks her Jeep in front of a solitary ruined house in the desert. Desert lands never cease to fascinate her as a photographer. While being immersed in taking photographs there, Lisa sprains her ankle. To make matters worse, a sandstorm is approaching on the horizon. Lisa realizes that she is trapped by this impending menace. But a man riding a black horse effortlessly lifts Lisa up into his arms by a hairbreadth! Who is this beautiful man? To survive, Lisa has no choice but to cling to him, without knowing who he is.

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Lovely 5  5

Loved it. The pacing seems dull but it's kind of nice. The hero is gorgeous and I loved the heroin's dresses (fell in love with Marito Ai's drawing definitely, except when the hero wore western clothes ). No sex, which is great (my own taste).

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A good romance 5  5

I liked the beginning not because the hero saved the heroine from a sand storm, but the fact that the first meeting wasn't arguing or yelling at each other. Just some nice chit-chat. The heroine ends up going to the hero's tent, where they learn more about each other. It's nice. I like to read on how the heroine is such a shutterbug, but she respects the privacy of other. For example, when she asks the hero if she can take pictures of the inside of his house, he says no and she doesn't go any further. I like how the hero is enjoying the heroine for her personality and not her bed skills. I found it amusing to read the heroine's shock and how she handled when she found out that the hero was royalty. The mother of the hero is pretty nice too. Watching the heroine and hero express a passion for their projects was fun because it was something that they shared. It's also amusing how the two of them are fighting their attraction for each so adorably. I like how both them have differing views over a same project but they understand why the other person wants it their way. I also liked how the heroine handled her superiors when they asked to ask the hero to extend the deadline. It was brash or crude, it was the simple, "I can't because *reasons*." The hero and the heroine kiss but it doesn't go well. The heroine lets it go. I love the hero's mother: viva all mother cupids. She is so sweet to the heroine but I like how the heroine insists on buying their share of outfits. It's a good sense of morality and independence. The hero catches on quick and talks to the heroine and the heroine denies knowing and says a lot of things that underestimate herself. What I found interesting is when a childhood fear comes on the heroine, she faces it alone instead of going after the hero. Then the heroine and her group are faced with another of an group on the same project who are locals of the country. This usually causes a rift. I loved the ending because it was so romantic and sweet. There was no sex, yes. Yet, having two souls find each other through things other than physical intimacy, to me, that is one sweet love.

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