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Jake D'Amato is a wealthy businessman with an eye for the art world. He feels compelled to buy a painting by the late Robert Summerville—of a model rumored to be the artist's lover. Who is this mysterious woman? Did she have a relationship with Robert? More curiously, did she also have a relationship with Jake? It wouldn't be a problem except Jake is falling in love with Robert's daughter, Charlotte. Can an international fling be tossed to the wind when an unexpected pregnancy is painted into the picture?

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didn't feel the spark. 3  3

The story was a bit low. The hero goes after the heroine in revenge because her recent sea father was a lover to the hero's non-related sister. Apparently, the painter died and the sister compulsively committed suicide. The man has enough money to buy and burn the painting, but he decides to go after the heroine because she is the painter's daughter. He doesn't even have a reason of why. The heroine did seem a little weak when accompanying the hero to dinner but I did like that the heroine only had dinner and said that enough was enough. I still couldn't believe that the heroine gave into the hero so easily after their second date, not to mention that the heroine was the average virgin. The hero is all confused, which is one good brownie point. They seem to be all and well, then the hero leaves and the heroine hasn't heard from him and finds out that she's pregnant. She also gets the daily gossip that the hero was with another woman. I do admit that the spur of the moment of the heroine calling and telling the hero's housekeeper that he was going to be a father but the words used were pretty funny. The hero asks to marry the heroine and at first reluctant, the heroine gives in. Then the heroine finds out some info. on the hero's sister that leaves some doubts. The heroine asks the questions and then things erupts. None of them handle it well. The heroine rejects the hero's touch and the hero throws money at the heroine. I was pleased that instead of whining and moping in bed, the heroine went out and played with the housekeeper's son. Things go on. I did like the ending, but I didn't feel the spark.

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