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When Jenny woke at the hospital, all her memory had been erased. Not even knowing her own name, Jenny faces a man named Luke who claims to be her husband and his brother Chad. The doctor tells her the baby she’s carrying is fine, but she doesn’t remember being pregnant. To make matters worse, Chad claims to be the baby’s father. Chad is an attractive man, but she feels comfort in Luke. "Was I really an adulteress who had an affair with my husband’s brother?"

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a good mystery. 4  4

I really did like this one because of the amnesic mystery of figuring out who the heroine is: a faithful wife or an adulteress. I liked how the heroine went with her gut and was able to see a huge difference in quality of character when it came to the hero and his brother. Now, the hero is a can do guy with a responsible attitude, while the brother is a whiner and braggart. Plus, I liked having the heroine be her own detective in connecting the dots, pieces the pieces of the puzzle together, and catching people when they slip up. For example, she was able to catch the brother in one of his lies about his trips and their relationship. So, big spoiler is she is a faithful wife to the hero and a happy one at that. She lost her memory because the brother was trying to force her to convince the hero to sell the family resort because he ran out of inheritance money from his years long vacation of traveling around Europe but never working anywhere during that time. I know that it sounds bad from the description from above but it's actually really good and I enjoyed it a lot.

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I was sure it was going to be horrible at the beginning but it turned out good. 3  3

This story was pretty good. I actually had less issues with the female lead than usual. I felt she was a bit too bullheaded in a couple situations but overall I liked her. She was interested in getting to the bottom of the truth and choose that over just being comforted and I respect that. Although amnesia is a pretty common plot device for a harlequin manga it was still unique in other ways. Honestly I was really worried I'd hate this one when the female lead woke up and was married to one man and his brother came along and said he was the father of her unborn baby not her husband... that development almost made me set down the book early on but I'm glad I didn't. I won't spoil it for you, but it was a good read. The art was also good and I'd happily read it again sometime.

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