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Meg Valentine might be the Teacher of the Year, but instead of finding herself a great beach to lounge on, she's spending her vacation time helping out her sister by taking care of her clothing shop. When infamous actress Taylor Gee, star of Many Moons and many tabloids, comes in demanding a dress for an event, Meg might make a whole week's worth of sales in one day of dealing with this diva. She may sell more than dresses when it comes to her bodyguard, the handsome and dashing Jaret Miller. Will all outfits be half-off, or just Meg's?

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doubt the heroine 3  3

The story of the heroine was not my best. The heroine comes off as a sweet school teacher who is spending her vacation days helping her sister around her boutique. I found it strange that after five years of dating, the heroine doesn't give her boyfriend an answer to her proposal. Wow. What I also found ridiculous is the heroine's mother saying that a woman's happiness is in marriage. Hmm. There are a lot of things that can make a woman happy like chocolate, popcorn, playing with dogs or cats. I like how the hero and heroine meet, it's cute for a guy to help find a girl's glasses. The woman that the hero works for is a bit snobbish. She wears just a see through dress because she wants to wear it to a children's foundation party. Again, Wow. The company already picked out a dress for her, but she is whining because it has sleeves. Not only that, but being a shopalcholic. The cost for the clothes was over $14,000 american dollars. I liked how the hero was being so kind to the heroine. The heroine's sister is a bit reckless and funny because not only a couple hours of leaving the store and she is going off to Las Vegas in order to get married. I found it hilarious. The hero comes back to the store to ask for the heroine help because the woman took sleeping pills that have her knocked out tip the next morning, even though she is supposed to be a children's auction. The hero finds out that the woman's cigarette started a fire and feels terrible. They then agree to work together to help the woman. The heroine gets all dressed up and looks exactly like the woman. The hero is being very kind to the heroine. I did like the hero's reaction when the heroine commented on the hero and the woman being lovers. It was so funny. I also saw the dress and there was nothing wrong. It looked hot. They go into the party and the heroine is just everybody's friend. She is great around the kids and adults. Then they go back and for some reason late in the night. The hero and heroine do it. I don't get it. The heroine should know better because she has been dating a man, the same man for five hears. No one should forget that easily. Not only that, the heroine told the hero before hand and he is at fault too. Only after that, a snoop comes in and scares the poor heroine to running after the woman and hero. The woman meets her first and throws the haughty attitude at the heroine who probably saved her from getting sacked. Then goes off how the woman and hero are in love with each other, making the poor heroine run out the door. They come back to the boutique so the woman can learn from the heroine on how to act around children. She apologizes like a stubborn child when it comes to fire incident. The heroine is just being so nice, she teaches the woman how to sit and read. The hero tries to interact with the heroine but the heroine is so upset that she show a cellphone photo of her fiancee's choice of ring. A week passes and the hero is happy that the woman is getting back, but the woman isn't. I was so glad that she decided to take a break from acting and try to get clean again. The woman also mentions that she lied to the heroine that she and the hero were involved, which causes the hero to stand up and go after her. I did like how the hero came swooping in on the heroine who broke up with her fiancee in the school faculty kitchen room.

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