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Meredith smiled at herself in the mirror, giddy at the sight of herself in her wedding dress. She had met Ryan at a wedding, and it was love at first sight. He quickly proposed and Meredith was sure nothing but happiness awaited. However, she was in for a shock—Ryan has only married her for her financial portfolio!

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Ignorance Rewarded 2  2

*the[br] is for paragraph breaks... but it didn't seem to work. Some comment boxes allow for code so you can make paragraphs but there was no luck. I just kept them in though readers know where the paragraph starts.[br] This story is short, unrealistic, and irritating. The art is good but the Characters are horrible. Still, if you are one of those sadly misguided women (lol) who believe in love at first sight you may actually enjoy it. It's not for me though, that's for sure. [br] Well, to the writers credit it is a fictional story so it's not required or even necessarily a good thing to be too realistic. Below this paragraph is my personal issues that I had with the story. I don't expect they will be the opinion of everyone else or even the majority but because I felt strongly about it I decided to write a review. [br] So we begin with the young female lead who has the personality and social skills of a 5 year old little girl. She gets a temp job after college working at parties. During her first of such parties, she see's a hot rich looking guy, the male main character. When she sees him, her eyes turn into hearts and just like any other insane groupy in heat, she runs up to him without any introduction or warning, physically wrapping her arms around his arm, and hugging it against her body. When she opens her mouth she starts talking about the thousands of stocks her father left to her when he died in order to get his attention. Soon she is dragged off by another worker and though it doesn't say for sure what happens to her job, she was most likely fired for what she did. I'd laugh this off as ridiculousness meant to make the reader laugh, but sadly, it is not portrayed in a comedic way.[br] Immediately after her first encounter with the male main character she is already thinking of it as love at first sight in her mind. Even though she knows absolutely nothing about this man short of what he looks like with a suit on.[br] The male main, noticing her stupidity and that she wasn't too hard on his eyes, decides it's his lucky day and will go ahead and take advantage of her because she's dumb, an easy mark and someone will eventually do it anyways if he didn't. He looks into who she is, then the very next day, he gives her a call to go on a date with him. She accepts this without a thought and during the very next date he proposes to her and marries her a week later fulfilling his original desire to get the stocks without any issues what so ever. [br] I don't know if this female main character realized that she is a woman and that women are capable of thinking even while physically attracted to someone. Even if attraction can impair their judgement sometimes. She chooses not to use her brain AT ALL and that makes me dislike her. Don't get me wrong the male lead is a jerk and has MANY flaws but they are of a lesser variety than the female lead's flaws.[br] One of the parts that really took the cake later on is that we find out that the male main character even told her to her face during the first date that he was after her stocks. However, she just ignored it. Instead choosing to create a fantasy image in her mind that he MUST love her. When reality comes to slap her in the face for being so completely ignorant, she leaves to stay with her friend. This just so happens to happen the night that they got married[br] However, this being a harlequin manga, it means her ignorance will be rewarded with love in the end... well, at least the words 'I love you.'[br] The question ultimately becomes if I think it's worth it for other people to give this story a try. I'd say it really depends. It's got being a fairly short manga going for it, so if it's part of your monthly reading membership, why not. Otherwise, I think it would only be worth it If you like Love at first sight stories.[br]

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