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Alexis, who had lost her husband, was trying to find a job so she could raise her young daughter. One day while she’s reviewing the job postings at a casino, a man approaches her and tells her to leave. But Alexis can’t afford to take his advice. She ignores him and gets a job at the casino, and she ends up getting much more than she bargained for.

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Loved it 5  5

Gotta Love when there's more story to the manga than just the romance. Don't get me wrong, romance is my favorite genre. However, when it's together with an interesting and exciting story it makes it 100 times better in my eyes. I loved this harlequin and would love to read the novel someday as well. I enjoyed the characters for the most part... the lead female was a bit immature but her bullheadedness made the story as good as it was. The art was very good as well. I don't really have anything bad I can say about it. I look forward to reading it again sometime.

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more suspense than romance 3  3

I was surprised at the heroine for choosing a job that was somewhat on the wrong side of town. Apparently, she was applying to be a cashier at a Italian restaurant and by the words played out, it sounded high. To me, it felt suspicious. Then the hero who is also the bodyguard comes in and demands that the heroine leaves but the heroine has spunk and tells him no. That leads to one of the head men to like her and lead her to the interview. It was also the fact that the man told her that the hero knows the underworld and was the owner's right hand man, should have given the heroine the light bulb that something was going on. Instead the heroine pushes forward to the interview. It was interesting to me how the heroine remembers her first marriage was harsh because the husband wasted a lot of the profits that he made with her first job to go adventuring. Not only that, but not being there for his pregnant wife. I like that the heroine is tough but naive because there are so many signals that there is something going on under the rug and the hero is being a toad about making her quit. He could handle it better. What amazes me is that the heroine has an idea about the place and won't take her child there. The little girl is a bundle of energy, which is cute. The mother of the heroine is prejudiced because she thinks that a restaurant and casino run by the Italians is the Mafia. Though, with all the signals going around, that may be so. The mother and the heroine are going at each other and the heroine has a reason because the woman is being cry controlling. Then one of the workers, a woman lets it slip and the heroine realizes what kind of a place it is. The heroine keeps working then gets into a dangerous situation, to which the hero comes to her rescue but after scolds her and tells her to go. I do admit that some of the what the hero said is true about the heroine. Still, she keeps working and finds some clothes that don't flash anything. The heroine talks with a another man who is interested in her. Then meets with the hero again, who goes off with another offer with the job. They keep arguing till the interest man comes and acts pretty sweet. The heroine talks with her child and starts to notice some more things about the hero. The heroine sees the hero again after a date with the interest man and things get hot. The hero acts like a know-it-all. I did like the part when he learned that the heroine and the man haven't gone far. The hero and the heroine meet again and things get heavy till the hero stops schooling himself for going far, not the home run, but second base. They don't see each other for while, and the heroine breaks things up with the interest man. I was a bit glad that they went to the friend thing. Then the hero sees the heroine again and actually acts like a gentleman. After that, he tells the heroine to not go to work on the specific day and guess what: she does. This leads out to all on front battle between the interest man and the hero. The ending was pretty cute with the little girl, but I felt a budding romance not much of a good stock growth of romance.

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