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The second volume in a series revolving around the Nelson sisters, featuring the middle sister and resident airhead, Willow. A comic artist by day, Willow meets macho security guard Kane when she trips and injures herself after barging into the home of millionaire Todd Aston III. Kane carries her back to his home to care for her wounds, along with a box full of stray kittens. Smitten by Kane's stoic kindness in the face of ongoing misfortune, Willow decides to go on the offense. But after a passionate kiss, Kane tells her, "I'm not interested in anything more than a one-night stand."

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Not my thing 2  2

I nearly gave this manga a 1 star until I read the first part of Jab's review and realized it could be enjoyed still if I looked at it from the right frame of mind. Still even after I tried I was not able to like it personally and I wasn't even able to will myself to finish the story cause the art and female lead bothered me so much. But that is just my personal opinion.

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Series two of laughs 5  5

Going on the series of millionaires and their laughs. I found it hilarious of how the hero and heroine first meet because the heroine is mad at the man who the hero works for breaking a relationship between her sister and the man's friend. It found it silly that even the hero is head of the man's security, the heroine was able to slip past him, while he was facing her. It was probably because she wasn't a threat. When the heroine looks for the man, she trips and falls, twisting her ankle and the hero being a gentleman carries her to his house princess style and bandages her ankle. I like the heroine quirkiness because she goes off on how the hero carrying her would be more romantic if they were on a date and though the hero immediately shuts her down, she doesn't stop. She is one of those enthusiastic people. She is also blunt because when they start to kiss, the heroine says, " you want to sleep with me." to the hero. I don't blame him for denying it quickly but it was funny to read. The communication between the hero and heroine is just funny to read. They do have sex but it's more of both on same level of it. The heroine is just turning the hero's world upside down because of all their little arguments, the heroine comes up with good reasons for things to go her way like letting the hero open his door to her so she can see the kittens again that he rescued along with their mother. They make small conversation and it was interesting that we didn't have to wait to the end in order to find out the hero's dark past. The heroine doesn't have a good past with a dead beat father who said that she wasn't as smart and pretty as her sisters and that she should keep her standards low. That is just horrible to say to one's own child. I like how when the heroine is at a low point the hero stays by her side with a box of tissues and a comfort shoulder. It was so sweet. I like the conservation between the hero and the cat! I like how the hero encourages the heroine to follow her original dream and even takes the time to do some research that will help her plan out on making that dream. I love how then hero holds back when the heroine states that he wants her. It's so different from the original harlequins and I love the hero for not giving in so easily. What I found fascinating was the heroine in the position that a lot of heroes would be in other harlequin novels with other women but in her case it's the other man. The heroine rejects him gently and leaves. I love the hero coming to the heroine's defense. After that, the million dollar grandmother *talks* with the hero saying that she doesn't want to be nosy but asking questions about the hero and heroine; we have a word for this: nosey. The hero and heroine go to her mother's house where the dead beat father is. I couldn't believe that the father outright in front of everybody, the hero, heroine, the sisters, and such insulted with the same words when she was young with a smile. I was glad the heroine's sisters comforted her and when the hero and father were alone, the hero gave the father a piece of his mind that left him shaking. I loved their talking in bed scene but the heroine confessed that she was in love with the hero which scared the hero into breaking the relationship off the next day, of course. The heroine does cry but try to move on from then. I didn't like how the heroine's sister stated that the hero came into their lives and that he should follow their rules. That is a bit much. A relationship is working for the benefit of both characters. I was so glad that the heroine saw it and defended the hero. It felt good to see that the hero was feeling negative from the heroine being gone. I especially loved how the hero went to the heroine and his route on asking for another chance. The ending was so cute and the novel itself was fun to read.

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