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In the middle of a downpour with two children in tow and a third on the way, Sarah desperately pounds on the door of her late husband's older brother, Jed. Left with a mountain of debt, she can only ask Jed for help. But the moment Jed sees Sarah, he angrily tries to drive the three of them back out into the storm. Sarah never expected such cold treatment from family. Once he comes back from checking the roads, Jed tells her, she and the children will have to leave. However, while he is out, a car accident leaves Jed with amnesia, and under the impression that Sarah is actually his wife!

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I can't help but be judgmental on this one. Sorry. I didn't like this manga and the reason? Just one. The Female lead. I like the kids. I like Jed. I like her mother, but I HATE her. I tend to pick at the female leads more often because I am a woman so I am harsher on the representation women are given in stories. That being said. I don't even have to look for things to pick at or dislike about her character. Her character is actually made up of almost exclusively bad parts. This is a woman who stops at her brother in laws house and lets herself in when nobody answers cause he's in his studio though she's never meet him before and her husband and him are not on good terms, when he comes back he finds her and her children taking the liberty to make themselves at home there in his house and he's not too happy (naturally). She came in a beat up car to find him and ask for money (she apparently didn't feel the need to try to work for herself and make payments on her debt or ask her own mother for help). Furthermore she wants to stay there at least for the night and has the gal to think poorly of him for being upset. But her craziness doesn't stop there... in the morning she gets up and starts using his kitchen like it's her own. We find out she's homeless too which adds to my dislike for her since it seems she won't try to work herself and somehow has too much pride to ask her mom for help so the children suffer are homeless too as a result. However, Much to her relief probably, the male main character, while going out to check the roads in order to get her to leave, gets into an accident and ends up with amnesia. She is at least good enough to not pretend to be his wife when he makes that mistake but she hides critical information about his past from him, not for his sake but her own to make her stay there more comfortable... she seems to feel a little bad about this, but not bad enough to do what is right. She is pregnant too... just what she needs another child she cannot take care of. He somehow manages to fall in love with this pregnant woman while she's taking advantage of his generosity due to his lost memories and that is what this story is about... love between a rich artistic loner and a idiot. As you can see, my reasons for not liking this manga have nothing to do with how the story is presented or the art. Both of which are done very well. So I think other readers could enjoy this one a lot more than me if they don't dislike her character type.

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