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Leonie was about to marry the man she loved when tragedy struck and fate took her fiancé from her. She’s still heavy with grief when she finds that her late fiancé left her something—the baby growing inside her. Once word gets out, her late fiancé’s older brother, Giles Kent, wants custody of the baby in order to raise it as the next heir in the Kent family. To avoid taking the baby away from its mother, Giles suggests marriage. Leonie is reluctant to marry a man who’s shown her nothing but hostility. But she reluctantly agrees and soon the baby will be born. Giles proves to be quite supportive, but Leonie wants more. Could there be something more going on between them?

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torn between two 3  3

In the heroine is marrying the hero's younger brother, after dating him for three years. They seem to be a happy couple with all going well, but the brother's family ignores her because of her common background, in fact, when they go to introduce themselves, none of the members of the family introduce themselves. The heroine finds out through the hero that her fiancee died in a car accident. She faints, to which the hero thinks that it was silly and the hero blames the heroine for his brother's death with some harsh words. The only kind thing from him is saying when the funeral will take place. They meet again after a time when the heroine is one vacation, to which, I don't blame her for losing her fiancee but the hero gets mad on her having a vacation and one things leads to another and that goes to a hospital and finding out the heroine is 2 months pregnant. 5 months go and we find the hero seeing the heroine for the first time since then. I found it lame that the hero is blackmailing the heroine by saying he will either marry him so that he may take care of the child's environment or he will go to court and have the child permanently taken from her. The heroine all frights, yet, for some reason doesn't seem to say, "Give me time to think," so, she can go to the law firm that she works at and get advice on what to do. She chooses to marry him and says some words that the hero states reveal her true nature. The wedding ceremony was a stiff. I was just glad that the heroine's friends were there to support her. I like that the heroine holds her ground on how the child will be raised: no nanny. It feels like there is a strain between them, but it's more silent and uncomfortable than loud and throwing-objects stuff. I did like that the hero came to be with the heroine to support during the labor and birth. I liked how the hero is so involved with the baby's life, it's cute. I liked how the heroine was able to clear the fog between the hero and his mother on the brother. I found it interesting to watch the heroine stuck between the love that she had with the brother to the new love she is experiencing for the hero. It makes so human because as humans were are often so confused on how our feelings are. The ending was good, it's just felt like no spark for me.

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