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Pure Romance Betrothed to the Prince

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Betrothed to the Prince

Princess Tianna is against the idea of marrying Prince Garth just to fulfill her duties as a princess. All she wants is be a photographer, but she isn’t free to pursue her career while she’s engaged to Garth. She decides to at least meet him before deciding what to do, but when she arrives at his castle she’s mistaken for the new nanny. It seems like the perfect way to learn more about the prince and find out what kind of man he is. As she spends time with him, she sees a side to him she can’t resist. Garth, too, is drawn to the new palace nanny. But will he feel the same way after finding out the truth about Tianna?

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Cute Prince and Princess Story 4  4

This was a cute story and I liked the female lead usually I have complaints about the female lead but I had none this time what so ever. The art was really great, the characters were likable and the story was good. I'm glad I got the chance to read this one. I like down to earth type royalty like the princess and the prince in this story.

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a new way for royals to meet. 4  4

The first meeting between the hero and heroine was a bit funny and different from the usual meeting of prince and princess. I like how the heroine takes action to meet with the hero on the discussion of ending their engagement because she wants to become a professional photographer and even has an internship ready. On the way, the heroine sees a baby, which apparently is the castle legend "Baby rose" to which, people leave their babies for the royals to care for. It's actually pretty adorable compared to most castle legends. I like how the scenes are worded very carefully. For example, when the hero invites the heroine for a second dinner along with the usual complimentary dress: she brings the baby along with her, because a note stuck to the baby claims that the hero is the father and the hero denies it. The heroine, however, does not. Yet, the heroine fails to mention in their argument that the hero should just do a DNA test. I did like how the hero's honor was justified by the head housekeeper and there were actually solid reasons. I also liked that when the heroine met with the hero again, she immediately apologized. It was interesting to watch from only the heroine's perspective of how conflicted she is with revealing herself to the hero and seemingly from the way that the hero acts is his attraction to her. The hero finds out through the meeting of the heroine's father of who the heroine actually is. The meeting between actually went smoother than most: No yelling. They left on calm and painful terms. I liked how the fairy god mother of a house keeper was able to convince the heroine to come back. The ending was real sweet. I liked the story.

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