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He doesn’t know it, but doctor Marcus Hamilton has been the love of Olivia King's life for the past six years. Whena horrifying accident blinds Marcus, it’s a good thing that Olivia, a nurse who specializes in rehabilitation, is there to help! Tasked with helping him acclimate to his new life, she'll soon find that the machinations of his malicious mother may be the reason their romance never took off before. Can Marcus and Olivia see the truth of their love?

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hero a brooder 2  2

I felt that there were gaps in the story. For one thing was the heroine's profession when we and the hero met. It was declared that she was 18 when she met and was a nurse. It could be that she was highly intelligent or different country customs. However, a person has to have at least four years of college, while having two years in nursing school. The heroine would have to be at least 22 when she met the heroine. To me, that was a big gap, especially when why the hero allowed his divorced ex-wife's mother to live with him when the ex-wife was still alive. There was something strange with that. The beginning of the romance with the hero and heroine was sweet, going on dates and meeting with each other. They never went further than that, but only because of the interfering ex-mother-in-law. Six years go by and the heroine meets the hero's daughter who is eighteen and apparently, they had a good relationship with each other. They meet again when the daughter calls to tell the heroine of the hero's accident that lead to his blindness. The daughter thinks that with the heroine's help, the hero will get out of his slump. When the daughter brings the heroine to the hero, the daughter introduces the heroine as a friend, which causes the hero to blow a gasket, asking his daughter if she brought her friend to see a freak show. To me, that is terrible, I understand that the sudden loss of sight and drive anyone into a corner but the hero never stopped to listen to his daughter say why, she brought her friend. The heroine shows some backbone when dealing with the hero as well as the ex-mother-in-law. It still didn't make sense to me, of why did the hero allow that woman to still live with him. Then the hero practically sexually harasses the heroine. Her first goes by comments, then tries to physically seduce to which the heroine nearly gives in. The entire time that the heroine is with the hero, the hero makes assumptions about her morals and her private life based on the imaginary "many" men. He sounds so possessive that it gets boring. The two men that the hero believes that the heroine is with is his friend and family doctor who is with his daughter ( reasonable age). The other guy is the eye specialist that the heroine got him to see to. The hero is just a brooder. I don't blame the heroine for going to a friend's house for the night. Then the monster-in-law whines about how the hero is making a mess, while revealing that some things that set the hero off, things that are entirely his conclusions. The heroine comes to him, he finally asks her about the them, to which he answers truthfully and he goes off saying, "Was it fun flaunting all those men in front of a blind man?" Really? Those men were just images that the hero made up himself and when he finds out that he was wrong, he places the blame on the heroine and fires her. What I can't believe next is the heroine allowing the hero to take as well as the fact that the heroine is still a virgin. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin at the age of 24, but to have a man who has been disrespectful to you take you on the maiden voyage is stupid. Then he leaves the heroine in the hands of the mother-in-law, who in turn, reveals that she lied to the heroine about the hero and her daughter getting back together. Then the hero comes in saying that he remembers the heroine, even from six years. back. The only thing that I liked in this section was the mother in law getting the boot. What I couldn't believe is that the hero knew who the heroine was from the start and he still treated her with disrespect. I couldn't believe that the heroine so easily jumped in his arms. It wasn't the age that was the problem but how the heroine was treated.

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