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Aspiring romance novelist Natalie Paget needs a change of scenery to finish her book. She takes an opportunity to house-sit a flat she could never dream of affording, but she’s surprised when the owner, Mark Benedict, suddenly returns! He allows Tallie to stay while she searches for a place of her own, and over time he becomes the model for a character in her novel—the villain, Hugo! Soon Tallie's feelings for Mark start to show as Hugo's role gradually changes. How will Tallie's real-life and fictional romances turn out in the end?

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tired of under the twenty. 3  3

The story to me, felt like very old guy with very young girl because the girl is nineteen years old, a writer. She has her own agent and series. The problem is she is upset about being a virgin. Personally, I do and don't understand her because it can be tough to feel left out but al to of times, it's better than having a disease or an unplanned pregnancy. I couldn't believe the heroine's ex-boyfriend for dumping her because she was a virgin, I mean what a a jerk as well as the heroine's friend/ roommate for dating him. That was ridiculously. The heroine was also naive because she stop to think that the guy who was letting her stay in the apartment for rent free, pay only gas and electricity for such a fancy apartment. The hero should have been at least in his late twenties to early thirties because it was stated in the book that he was a senior engineer in a project in another country, that would be at least 7 years of schooling and a couple of more for experience for him to gain the title of senior. He is a bit rude but who wouldn't when they find some naked stranger in the apartment. I do like that the hero's being kind in letting the heroine stay till she can find a place to stay but his image of her as a puppy is ridiculous even if it is accurate. I didn't like the cliche of virgin heroine and not-virgin hero but it was nice to know that the hero has been abstinent for a while. I think that my favorite part was the both of them working together to make a meal for the guests. I still couldn't believe that another guy dumped the heroine for being a virgin, I mean seriously. What I also couldn't believe is that the heroine gets drunk and begs for the hero to have sex with her and the hero agrees. Sir, you could get sued for rape because she was under the influence of intoxication. The next day, the hero leaves the heroine with a note, explaining little to which the heroine believes that nothing came of last night. She writes a scene that will be used as blackmail by the other woman. The hero is gone for the time in a another country. The heroine afraid of the what the other woman will do, leaves a letter to both the hero and her agent and goes home. I'm thinking, now what is she going to do? Three weeks pass and the hero magically appears, saying that everything is going to be alright. The ending was nice but it just didn't hit my radar as good.

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