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"He's the only one who will see the real me." Having left the garish modeling world behind her, Lynne moves to the quiet town of Gettysburg. Tired of being praised solely for her looks, she's changed her name and clothes in order to finally live in peace. But on the day she moves into her new apartment, Lynne gets into a dispute with her neighbor Brendan after he trips over some boxes she left in the hallway. Little does Lynne know, Brendan is blind. Light no longer reaches his beautiful eyes. Brendan promptly forgives Lynne for her embarrassing blunder, and before long the seeds of love are sown in the unlikely pair.

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Great heroine and great hero. 5  5

This story was amazing for a lot of things. We have a heroine who is done with modeling because it's such a fake world and she quits but doesn't take a job yet because she was smart enough to save all her money. The hero is an interesting character for being a blind lawyer. That is pretty much one of the few jobs that a blind person has. Their first meeting is cool since its simple. Then their next meeting is sweet because its in the hero's apartment and their treat since some flamboyant meal but cookies. I like how the heroine takes the effort to look nice for the hero even though he's blind. I like the hero for his politeness. The story of how the hero became blind is sad. It's even more fun to see how they start meeting is because of the hero's previous guide dog that he keeps because he's not just a service dog but family. I like how the author makes it no gaps in this story like how the hero dresses by reading braille labels on them and the heroine for her simplicity. It was even more interesting of how the hero and heroine are dealing with troubles from their past. I love their dates, they just go so nice like a lovely dinner date with flowers. I also like how they hold each other it doesn't equal the bed. They slowly let their relationship grow through walks and such. I loved reading from the hero's perspective What I found even more interesting is how the artist portrayed the heroine from the hero's perspective, it actually made the reader focus more on the personality than looks. It was also fascinating on how both people were forced to deal with their demons of past. I love that the hero is one with the heroine and wants her to be selfish because he wants her. There is a bit of humor between the hero and his friend when the hero tells the friend that the heroine is his and it's hands off for him. That was funny. I love the hero for not wanting to take the relationship at high speed, it's all nice and slow because they haven't known each other that long. It did surprise when the hero proposed to the heroine out of the blue at a Christmas party. They have known each other probably since November because they met before Thanksgiving and it sounded like they were meeting way before then. Then a family issue forces the heroine away and the hero finds out from his stupid friend of the heroine's past life. The hero confronts her and when the heroine says yes, the hero throws a fit. The heroine does come up a with a reasonable response and leaves. The hero realizes how dumb he was and he does something that I have seen very little of in these stories: he realizes how short the amount of time they have spent and it wasn't even for half a year. So many people think that everything must been written in a few short weeks but the hero is able to realize and admit that meeting each other for around two months is too short for anyone to admit their past so easily. That was actually one of my favorite parts. I love how the two came forward, admitting their mistakes. The ending was absolutely adorable.

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