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Six months after getting married impetuously, Chad disappears. Brokenhearted, Angel leaves London and returns to her native Ireland, but soon after, Chad’s older brother, who opposed their marriage from the start, pays her a visit. He tells her some shocking news: Chad and the woman he ran off with have died in a car accident. Then he says, “My little brother had a child. A newborn baby boy. I’ve brought him here. Will you come with me and help take care of him?”

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What is wrong with the hero and the brother?! 5  5

Okay, I have to say that this book had me jumping on and off the carousel because of what the hero did. The hero and the heroine are in-laws by the hero's brother who abandoned the heroine and she is a irish girl that flees into the country to escape the sadness. Only to find two years later that her husband died in a car crash along with his "girlfriend", leaving only their baby behind. the hero wants the heroine to take care of her husband's love child and I am just: are you *beep* kidding me?! You want the woman who got jilted by your stupid brother to care for his love child when she wanted children and he said no. I am not going to lie, the heroine was a freakin saint, because she just took that little boy into her arms and rocked him all her own. I wasn't sure if she was Mother Teresa or an angel to actually agree to take care of this baby. The woman was so sweet, that she had to be an angel sent from God to marry that horrible brother. And even after, he dies and hurts her. She comforts the hero who came for her by giving him a hug and a chance to cry over his brother's death. I am glad that the hero is amazed at the heroine and her inner beauty. I did like their conversations that concerned the baby and the hotel scenes were good, not the sexual way but a nice dinner and caring for the baby. I like this story because it shows that raising a baby isn't easy. I did like the after sex thing when the hero said he was sorry and instead of crying, the heroine stabbed him in the gut with her elbow. I loved the reason why the hero was happy that the heroine wasn't pregnant because it wouldn't be a forced reason to get married but a confession of love an proposal of marriage from the hero for the heroine. I loved it.

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