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Dr. Larissa MacPherson has a tough road ahead of her; she is the surrogate mother for her sister and brother-in-law, but after one died of leukemia and the other of a car accident, she's now nurturing her unborn nephew without a clear plan for his life. She's moved to the country of Bidalya and quickly fallen in love with the head of surgery, Faress Aal Rasheed. It turns out he’s not only the brother of her child's father, but destined to rule the country. Will Larissa raise this boy to be a pauper or a prince?

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There is such a thing as too much. 2  2

This story Is like a collage of harlequin romance ideas pieced together into something just a bit too outlandish for me to enjoy. We start off with a Arabian Sheikh Doctor... hiring a random american woman to work in his royal hospital in which he is the lead surgeon because of reasons. It's already a weird setting because I know no stories in which royalty actively work full time regular jobs in addition to their duties to their country as second in line to the throne... while that part seemed a bit off it was not to difficult for me to come to terms with. The part that really made it too much was the fact that the female lead was carrying the unborn nephew of the male lead. The child's father/the male lead's family member, died, so she was set to raise it alone... but as it turns out, she was not the real mother either, she was actually the surrogate mother for the sick and dying father and his wife / her sister. However, after her sister died as well she decided to take on a job in the child's father's homeland. She knew her sister's husband well because not only was she his sister in law but she also became a legal surrogate mother for them. So she obviously knew what her brother in law looked like and his first and last name as well as the fact that he was a prince. She gets hired by the male lead at the hospital but claims she knew nothing about the fact that he was the prince or related to the man who's child was inside her. She decides to pretend that she was her sister and married to his family because she realizes that the story was too outlandish for anyone to believe and also that if she did tell the truth she would have no rights to the child which apparently now she feels she should have the right to keep over the male lead even though no part of the child is actually related to her by blood... well other than her being it's aunt so I guess that's not entirely true... then we go through layers of the male leads anger as each little piece of the truth is found out by the him until he finally sees the whole picture. I usually enjoy sheikh stories, but this one was not my type at all. The art was decent but not great, the story was all over the place, and the characters were not all that great either.

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