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“If one of you marries him, I'll give you all a million dollars.” That's what our grandmother offered us to try to get a wife for Todd Aston III. But my sisters Julie and Willow have already met wonderful men. I, Marina, being the only sister left, had to agree to at least one date with him.... but what kind of awful man can only meet a woman via a paid blind date?

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series three of laughs 5  5

This is the last book of the trilogy and it has been fun reading this. We finally come to the last sister, the middle one as well as the reclusive billionaire. They come together to help plan the wedding of the first book's couple and it is just a joy ride watching them interact with one another. They both speak their minds, they come up with smart comments against one another that make a person laugh. For example, the hero apparently knows a lot of about chick flicks that consist with Bridget Jones. I don't know who that is, but it's funny and new. The heroine is brilliant, since she has a PhD in Physics and what not and is now studying to be a Sign language interpreter. I like how the heroine broaden her horizons. It's fun watching them go through the wedging planning together, finding out more about each other, having fun before sex. They do have sex because in this series, they all have sex before the end. One of the reasons that I liked this story so much is that they have fun and enjoy each other's company. One of the funniest parts in the story was when they both got sick from a catering service. It was hilarious. I feel sorry for the hero in his first experiences with women, having the girl, he loved dump him after her mother was paid by his parents in order not to make a false report to the police that he raped her. What a horrible girl and mother. Then a woman lying to him, saying that she was pregnant. I loved how the hero handled that situation: rich men can have it tough on the path of true love. I love that both hero and heroine have good relationships with their siblings and cousin. I found it funny when the grandmother walked in seeing the heroine in the wedding dress, dancing with the hero. The other thing that I loved was the heroine taking two pregnancy tests and one is positive and the other is negative. There is the usual obstacle of the hero getting scared and mad at the heroine and the heroine gets mad and spits fire back. What I couldn't believe is that when the heroine told the sister, the sister stupidly who is the international legal lawyer, told her fiancee who told the hero, which didn't give the heroine to confirm the pregnancy or tell the hero herself. Not good on the sister part. I was actually relieved that the heroine wasn't pregnant because the confession from the hero was wonderful. The ending rocked and it was a great story to read.

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