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Erin had worked as a nanny, and when Faisal, her employer, became ill and asked her to marry him, she accepted and then adopted his son, Kazim. After Faisal's death, Zahir, Faisal's brother, suddenly arrives from the kingdom of Qubbah and says that he wants to take in his nephew. She refuses his offer at first, but a certain circumstance compels her to go to Qubbah with her child—without imagining how much humiliation she would face there. Neither would she ever dream of how glamorous and dangerous Zahir was...

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editor's comment - June 5th, 2015

I personally love the art and it has a lot of beautiful scenes of desert and palace. The hero is so arrogant because he is the king. However he loves heroine and his nephew very much. Though heroine comes back to her hometown because of a misunderstanding, hero goes to her town and tells her the truth. It is very touched.

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nothing is there 3  3

The story goes when the hero comes to the reading of the will by his late brother and learns that his brother married again to a woman that is sitting next to him. The couple's first meeting goes off on a ad start and berates the heroine for using his dead brother's name without the honorific title, thinking she was a maid. After the hero learns, he states that he will give her the fortune and take the boy but the heroine gets so mad that she blows a gasket. I would understand because if the woman has been taking care of him since birth and legally adopted then she must care about him. I just wanted to slap my head on the forehead of the housekeeper for just spilling everything about the heroine in front of a complete stranger. You don't do that, especially saying that the heroine persuaded the brother to marry him rumor. That was not cool. The hero then goes off by this assumption that the heroine is a gold digger. I love that when the hero gives the check to the heroine, she rips it up in front of his face. He deserved it. It surprised me that the heroine didn't know anything about her husband's past and didn't push it. The hero presses a kiss as a way to prove that the heroine is lusty. Then uses the usual sob story of the old sheikh in pain from his son's death and seeing the little boy would make him feel better. The heroine gives in and goes with him. The hero goes off of research that he finds of heroine that makes sense when you worry but the information has its gaps. Then the heroine finds out that the hero plans to keep the little boy there because the father was the first-born heir. She confronts the hero but instead of asking of whether or not he knew of this is true, she goes off insulting to which in a male dominated country is not a good idea. The hero gets all mad about it and they argue. The heroine and little boy meet the old sheikh who acts kind and sweet to them. The heroine goes off and demands the hero to give them their passports and the hero states that he will triple the amount that he originally gave in the first pages of the book. One thing leads to another that has the heroine's back on the couch with the hero on top of her. A servant will see and blab, which will cause the heroine to go off in tears. What I can't believe is that when the heroine is given advice by one of the guards on how to escape with the child, she doesn't stop to think of how she will get there because she is in a different country with different customs and environments. They get stuck and the hero finds and starts to take the heroine to the airport without the boy and the heroine nearly drives them off the road. This is one of the few times, we see the heroine showing vulnerability to the hero and where the hero actually for the first time sees it as well. The hero tells the heroine that he has to marry her because of his father. The wedding goes find but there is a the OW. The wedding night goes horrible because the hero learns that the heroine is a virgin but he gets all mad, saying that if the virtue of the heroine was discovered then she wouldn't get the fortune. The heroine defends herself but it goes south. The next morning, we see from the hero's perspective that he felt abusive to her because he took her to bed aggressively. That is wrong because he took her to bed aggressively and should feel guilty for saying such hard things to her after taking her on her maiden voyage. I do like that the hero apologizes to the heroine the morning after. Everything seems to go fine till they have to go back. The heroine sits away from the hero where the OW is sitting. That is a big difference between cultures but the heroine feels like she is useless. The hero starts to act all nice but the heroine is cold. the OW acts horrible, saying the heroine's job is being a nanny, not a wife. I like that the hero wants to share things with her. The heroine is not being honest with her. Then the OW catches her alone and tells her that the first wife of the brother was the hero's fiancee and that she was engaged to the brother till the two of them eloped. The OW also states that the hero will divorce the heroine. Then the other woman practically insults the heroine by revealing the heroine's past to other people. The hero is upset and the heroine gracefully admits the truth and leaves. I hate that the hero didn't go after her. The heroine returns to England and rips up any checks sent by the hero, which to me sounds cheap. The hero finally comes to see her and I like that the OW and her accomplice are banished from the palace. I like how the hero finally gets the real information straight. The ending was cute.

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