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Angie is a butler's daughter, forced out of the mansion when she fell in love with its successor and heir. It has been two years since then, and she now works as a live-in maid, while also taking care of her young son. One late night, an unexpected guest visits her from Greece—Leo Demetrios. Leo was her first love; he absorbed all her innocence and everything about her, then ditched her with cold words. Now he stands in front of her, riveting and handsome. He was my love in the past, and is still my only love. The memories of that love have come back to me...the love I thought I was over still burns in my yearning heart.

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Glad it was a sale priced rental, but I still paid too much. 1  1

This is one of those convoluted "the hero resents the heroine because he thought she did it with another guy because after the hero threw her away like a piece of trash after one night and she left, the other guy - who was jealous of the hero - told lies about her, but in reality she threw everything away to raise hero's kid on her own to protect him, herself and those she loves and when all is said and done he says 'why didn't you just tell me' and marries her." Honestly, I would have rather just slapped him. And before that, swatted and grounded her for being a teen-age seducer and creating the whole fiasco to begin with. Oh, she's made out to be the noble, self-sacrificing little victim here - and to a degree she is (covering for the thief had nothing to do with the hero, so even if there might have been better way to handle it, she had noble motive so kudos for that), but lets be honest - she started this whole achey-brakey ball rolling with her loose morals and active seduction of a husband in mourning. The only thing I could appreciate was, as she bore with all the hurtful reactions to her actions, she acknowledged more than once that even though she felt like a victim, that she knew she brought it upon her self and had determined that she was going to live with the consequences. Sadly, because this is a Harlequin romance, she is instead gets rewarded for her licentious actions so the only good feeling this ending left was 'at least the child won't suffer for his mother's stupidity'.

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Crappy 1  1

I'm sorry. This story, I couldn't finish it. In fact. I don't even think I read 1/3 of it. I HATE the ones where the lead female cons the man that she's on the pill or can't have kids in order to get pregnant cause she "loves" him and wants his child. It's complete tripe. The fact that this is a harlequin means that her stupidity and selfishness will end well for her. It upsets me to read these ones because there are so many women out there who think Baby = Love and/or Baby = Marriage. However, that is not the only issue with this story. Even before I found out that she pulled the whole; I'm on the pill so I can get pregnant and you'll love me scheme, she starts off by whining that she cannot buy her child toys with her paycheck. Why not? If she's a live in housekeeper/caretaker then she gets room and board free. All she could even possibly have to use her paycheck on is food if she's not allowed to eat theirs, toiletries, and clothes. I fail to see how she could be falling short on toy money unless there was no paycheck but she clearly states that there is. She may be poor, but since she doesn't have to pay for anything she's much more well off than others who do and they still find a way to get their children things (if they are good parents). Furthermore, in the beginning she was told by the owners of the house not to open the door for anyone while they are away and she clearly states this to the person on the other side of the door as she opens the door proving she had no intention of following directions to begin with. She whines that their knocking is going to wake up the children in this huge mansion. Which I highly doubt. I am not big on the art either. So all in all this story was definitely not for me.

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not a smart heroine nor a gentleman of a hero 2  2

The story didn't get a lot of brownie points from me from both hero and heroine. The heroine is a woman who got pregnant from her first night with the father of her child. They meet again two years later of where the hero's grandfather wants to meet the heroine because her son. The hero comes out with all the faults that the heroine made: theft and using the grandfather. The hero leaves and the heroine goes back to when they first met, her at the age of 13 and the hero at the age of 22. They are non years apart. It's little much that the heroine has had such a long crush on this hero, even after he gets married. It was bit much that the heroine had put the hero at the center of her universe at the age of 16. Then when the wife of the hero dies two years later, the heroine tries to get his attention by wearing sexy clothes. To me, she sounded more like a silly naive girl. Then the hero starts to bring out the romantic picnic baskets and suddenly the both of them are going to bed. I couldn't believe that the heroine was going to suddenly have sex with a man whose feelings she didn't know were mutual and the hero for not being smart in this situation. It becomes worse after the sex because the hero coldly rejects her saying that he needed a woman and she was there. I would have slapped the jerk, but the heroine wasn't smart because she should have known what happens when it comes to sex and the fact that she lied directly to the hero on being on the pill was stupid. Her reason: to get pregnant with then hero's child. Really?! You don't want to get to know the man yourself before having his children? That is just not smart. The hero thinks that the child is his younger brother's and the heroine remembers spending time with the him after the hero ditched her. What I couldn't believe is that the heroine doesn't remember much of him being kind. This is the brother of the hero who treated you nicely, unlike the hero, how could you forget him? Then I can't believe that the hero got the heroine fired, even if his opinion is sound because the couple hiring a young pregnant woman for small pay doesn't look good. I can't believe that the heroine actually allows the hero to sit next to her in the limo. Sit far away from the man who made you lose your job and home. It just becomes worse with the hero starting to suspect and the heroine doesn't want to the hero to know the truth, makes the lie bigger. The heroine doesn't lie about the love she felt for her child's father to the hero but doesn't give the hero a name. The hero naturally assumes that the boy is his playboy brother's child. The heroine falls asleep from exhaustion and wakes up from the lap of the hero. Not the best situation. What I found it hard was the year and half old baby being able to speak in complete sentences. There were not accents or anything; just complete small sentences. This is one of the few times that I see the hero acting kind to the child like carrying him. I found it ridiculous that the heroine so easily allowed the hero to take charge of her child by allowing a nanny to care for him and not her. We learn the reason why the hero thinks that the child 's the brother is because the brother told him and that leaves some open questions. Their late night argument doesn't go any better. The hero makes bad comments and he heroine just makes the daddy lie grow bigger and bigger and their her own words. They are not something said by the hero and the heroine doesn't say anything. The hero is ashamed of their time because of the recent loss of his wife and 6 month old daughter and taking a 19 year old virgin to bed. The part of being ashamed breaks the heroine. They meet the father of the heroine who is also the butler of the family. He acts cold towards the daughter. The heroine does get some brownie from me by stating that she doesn't care what people say or think of her but she won't let anyone hurt her son. Then they meet the grandfather who hints that he knows the truth. The heroine can sense it. However, he does have a sense of kindness. We do see the perspective from the hero that he still wants the heroine but is conflicted by the heroine loving the child's father. The heroine and the father reconcile. Reading over the next few pages made me realize that the one brilliant person in the story was the grandfather. This is because he hosted a dinner party, inviting the brother and was able to get the brother to say with no resistance that the child wasn't his but most likely the hero. The heroine is just frozen by the quick turn of events and the hero is in a fury. Some punches are thrown on the brother from the hero. We learn that then brother was in love with the heroine but because of the heroine's devotion to the hero, it wasn't meant to be. The brother has let it go. The cutest part in this story was when the little boy comes to the hero, asks him by his name to pick him up, and the hero says his name is daddy. It was so sweet. The heroine faints from all the drama. We learn the truth that it wasn't the heroine stealing but someone else ( no one bad). The hero suddenly acts all sweet. It just didn't float my boat. The ending part was the little comic strip of the brother, the father, the grandfather, and the little boy all together and the grandfather states that he knew who the child was from the moment he saw him. To me, the heroine wasn't making smart decisions.

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